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Bone tired, throats raw from singing and talking, eyes burning from the ever-present dust. We are just back from an extremely long day and will probably have to wait at least an hour for them to cook dinner here at the hotel diner.
But all we can do is shake our heads, overwhelmed, from the blessings of the day. We were blessed by children surrounding us for most of the day; happy and curious about what the “mzungu” (white man) are doing. The women were blessing other women. There were blessings of physical healing in the conference.  There were several blessings of intentional thanks from the people that we are here to serve. Not just empty thanks but sincere thanks saying how this was going to change their communities.
Yes blessings.
I fear if I tried to share all that’s happened, I would loose every one of you before you were halfway finished reading this.
Thus the Cliff notes version:
Last night we had a special dinner with normal roasted meats like chicken, beef and pork. Additionally there were items like goat and camel and crocodile. Most everyone tried at least a little of everything. The consensus was that the crocodile was not as bad as they feared and no one is scheduling a trip to Egypt anytime soon for more camel.
We were then treated to some traditional African dance in a variety of different styles; Zulu, Luo, and Masai to name a few. Although I’m not sure how classics like the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean fits as traditional African music…
Today was a early morning again and the final day of the Restore Conference at KGC.
This space can not contain all that went on surrounding that, but please know that God showed himself tangibly evident in many ways there. I recommend taking one of these team members to lunch and letting them share what all went on.
The water peeps finished the set up of the tank and the training, even though the pad was not yet ready to have any weight on it.

Well food is not ready yet but my eyes are slamming shut so I will sign off right now.

Tomorrow we travel to Amboselli for our safari drive and the team will get a chance to see some “Discovery Channel” type of Africa. 

Please don’t forget us in your prayers. It is blessing us and we pray you are blessed through it.

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traditional kenyan dance

Traditional Kenyan Dance/ non-traditional Kenyans

kenyans fountain of hope
Art Shot

– Brian McCall

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I think I used the title “Exceedingly and Abundantly” too soon in the trip. The women were somewhat overwhelmed yesterday when they got to Kings Gospel Center and had more than 300 women there. They had “over planned” for about 150 women.
150 of these women were Congolese refugees in traditional garb; simply a riot of color! Speaking of riots there was a near problem yesterday when some of the younger Congolese asked for money instead of the food they were being served. Moses was able to diffuse the situation but, to be honest, it was very stressful and a little discouraging.
I am very happy to report that Madison is very well today and wearing her beautiful smile. The water guys were able to assess a site (right next door to KGC!) that is a perfect installation site. We began the process buy having the tanks delivered and arranging for the stonemason to make the pad for the installation.
It is at Kayole Hekima Academy where there is over 350 children enrolled. When we quizzed the headmaster she said that at least ¾ of them have suffered from typhoid or cholera in the last year.  We are thrilled to be bringing the gift of safe drinking water here and had dozens of mini bystanders looking on.
When we were finished for the day we walked back over to KGC and found our women having lunch in the office. Cynthia could not wait to tell us that one of the Congolese women pulled her off to the side and apologized and wanted to make sure that Cynthia understood that was not who they were. Furthermore the woman said today they understood who they were in God and now they know how to pray!
What a turn around from yesterday! Even thought the women are very tired, they have an energy about them and a much more peaceful and purposeful countenance.
Tonight we get to eat some traditional Kenyan dishes and meats as well as enjoy some Kenyan dance.
All’s well indeed.
kenya mission 2016 fountains of hope

Mini bystanders

kenyan childern

– Brian McCall

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The notion of quiet space to write in an orphanage with 24 girls who are currently not in class because it is Easter holiday here, is much more fantasy than reality. But that un-quiet is the reason we are here; the reason we know we are on the right track. The noise adds a better symphony than I could ever play on iTunes.

As I mentioned yesterday, Cynthia and I had a chance to preach the Sunday sermon at Kings Gospel Church. I had a chance to share about the thief on the cross connected to the empty tomb, Cynthia then was able to add a beautiful story about how Mary found that empty tomb, spoke to angels and finally Jesus.

KGC had designated Easter as women’s day in anticipation of the Restore conference and her message about a woman being the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection was particularly poignant.

Last night after a too short rest, we were able to go visit Pastor Joshua at Murarui Church. His congregation was just finishing up a 3 day revival as we got there and got to watch the exuberance with which the people here worship. Us “frozen chosen” here have a thing or two to learn about making a joyful noise. I had forgotten my own rule about making sure to have something to say when we were of course called up on stage for introductions and to speak to the congregation.
I was able to manage some words about maintaining relationships and it seemed to be well received.
 This morning, our dear Maddie (13 year old child of Christy) has come down with a case of “Zulu’s Revenge” and was not able to go with the women today.  Mom tried to blame it on the shake she had yesterday but that didn’t fly because Maddie and I had swapped shakes after we had both had some of our own– can’t take the shakes away mom!–. Instead she spent the day with me at the Dorothy home alternating between resting and making beaded jewelry with the girls.  She seems to be on the upswing and I am starting to look like a Kenyan Mr. “T” with all of the jewelry they have given me.
Bill and Troy are out doing a little maintenance at the Mururi Church’s purifier and tomorrow we hope to help Elias with some significant drainage issues.
We continue to be inspired by the vision of the people here and their whole hearted objective to serve and honor God through the service of others.
fountains of hope all in worship

All in worship

fountains of hope mission 2016
Non toxic milk shakes

– Brian McCall

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In our near zombie state last night we piled back onto the bus and headed to the Dorothy home. It was great to see the girls again and fun to see how much they have grown! They even had a song they were singing that was made up for us specifically.
After listening them do many bible verses in unison and many songs in harmonies, we had a chance to listen to pastor Elias share his continued vision for the girls. One for health and education and a future. I was able to then connect the dots to that vision and the new computer lab that many of you helped with. We were able to deliver 21 fully functional lap top machines with fresh software on them.
My staff at Midwest Jewelers and Estate Buyers and Hidden Treasures was kind enough to donate enough sweaters for them to have new uniforms for school. I wrapped each of the laptops in a sweater and packed them all in sealed tubs. All of the tubs were clearly marked with ORPHANAGE SUPPLIES and inside each one was a letter stating that this was a mission trip and these computers were being used in that manner.
Of course TSA could not abide by the sealed tubs so each of the tubs had been opened and checked and resealed. If any of you have checked a bag recently while traveling you know that TSA leaves one of their little cards in the bag.  On one of those “TSA was here” cards one of the agents had written “God Bless You!”
Throughout every part of this journey, starting with the earliest planning stages I have been struck buy this thought of “Exceedingly and Abundantly”. I asked for 15,000$ and collected almost 19,000$. I asked for 10 computers and 26 were donated. I didn’t even ask for the sweaters and people stepped up to make that happen. Even in the last week I had 2 very faithful friends step up to help cover finances for the food for the conferences when we realized there would be a shortfall. And now the pastors of Kings Gospel Church are talking about numbers of attendees that we had not imagined. It’s been frankly overwhelming.
When I saw the note on the TSA card the tears welled up, because it was just more evidence that God has his hand on this trip.
Easter sermon at KGC delivered by Cynthia and myself was as powerful as we imagined it. More about that tomorrow.
Continue to pray, the women’s conference starts tomorrow!
TSA happygram
fountains of hope TSA

The kids from our team playing with some of the kids from the Dorothy home.

The kids from our team playing with some of the kids from the Dorothy home

– Brian McCall

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Perhaps the hardest part of the trip is the getting there. We are there!! We had smooth but long transits in all of our legs. The good new is that all of us and all our luggage arrived at the same time and same place. A miracle that never ceases to amaze me when I pay attention to how loose the baggage operation is run.
We were easily able to find our hotel by following the smell of the pig farm next door. :-/
Alas, we are happy to be here.
We are all anxious to get our personal space back. Breakfast, or lunch, or dinner–I don’t  what time it is-has been ordered. We are going to wipe the first few layers of grime off after we eat then head over to the Dorothy home to visit and drop off the computers.
Tomorrow is Easter and Cynthia and I worked hard on the Easter sermons we are giving at the Kings Gospel Center. We are very excited, like our pastor in Indy says, its like the super bowl of the spiritual/church year. 
Stay tuned, we will hit the ground running tomorrow! Lots more will be shared this week.
FYI we are 7 hours ahead of Indianapolis and 10 of the west coast.

Brian McCall

Fountains of Hope


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Fountains of Hope

There are a hundred phrases that are going through my head right now including the lyrics to that Peter Paul and Mary song.  Let’s roll! Just do it! Light this candle, etc. to name just a few.

It has been a mad push to get to this place. Not only have we been preparing for this trip, but there has been business trips, meetings, auditions, not to mention the final stages of the build out in my store, as well as all the day to day things that still have to be accomplished.

People have been asking me for weeks if I’m excited about the trip and I have been giving a very tepid yes. To be honest I have been trying to get so many things wrapped up that, while the trip was looming in the back of my mind, I almost couldn’t even think about it. It wasn’t until last night that I even started pulling a few things together to pack and finished only an hour ago.

This week when the paint was finally dry and the contactor said his (almost teary) good byes – 4 weeks late- that I could walk out into the store and almost feel a sense of peace.
Now I am feeling that same peace about the trip.


I’m officially looking forward to the trip now.

I’m looking forward to you following along with us.

I’m looking forward to preaching with Cynthia the Easter sermon in Kenya.

I’m looking forward to the adventure.


We covet your prayers for safe travel.
If you are inclined to pray specifically, our team members names are:

  • Troy
  • Tia
  • Kendra
  • Cynthia
  • Madison
  • Christy
  • Bill
  • Brian

 For now though “Our bags are packed, Were ready to go…The taxi’s waiting, He’s blowing his horn…”



Brian McCall

Fountains of Hope

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Fountains of Hope

I started this email a week ago, and now with finally a few minuets to sit still, I am determined to finish!

I am very blessed to be in a business that I absolutely love, and I pray for Midwest Jewelers and the eBay store and the people that work there everyday. I pray for wisdom in handling all the things that come my way, I pray for health and safety of the team, I pray that we are hidden from the enemy and anyone that would seek to do us harm. I pray for prosperity.

Well prosper the business He has. We are in the middle of a large and aggressive buildout at the store and my stress level has been 10+. We will get there and the short term pain we are enduring now will create a very exciting place.

This stress means my personal hard drive is full and my best of intentions often succumb to the tyranny of the urgent.

As much as I love what I do and the people who are there, I firmly believe that it is just a tool that allows me to do the mission trips like this one to Kenya. I have placed it in the category of one of the most important things I have ever done.

It looks like our team is set now. Cynthia has 4 people on her team to bring the message of “who women truly are in the Kingdom of God” to the women of Kenya. Her team will be sharing this message with Kings Gospel Church in Nairobi and she is also hoping to bring the study to Kisumu for the women at the Widows home.

Bill has 2 students on his water team and they will be helping me at the Dorothy Home erect the water tower and I will pitch in with them as they do a purifier installation in Nairobi and 2 in Kisumu.


I forgot to mention in my last post that Elias from the Dorothy home told me he wants to do a computer lab for the students there. I am wanting to bring him 10 or so old laptops. Do you have any old laptops that I can bring on the trip with me? Blake from Wright PC repair has agreed to wipe them and make sure they are functioning properly.

This would be a huge lift for this school that wants nothing but the best education for these girls and yet does not always know where there next meal is coming from, much less put computers in the school.

Please let me know if you can help in this way.

As always, I appreciate your prayers and if you could pray specifically for me to slay that dragon of urgency so that I can focus on the most important, I would appreciate it.


Brian McCall

Fountains of Hope

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As most of the East is digging out from an epic snowfall and we here in the Midwest are still shivering from our cold blast, things have been percolating right along as far as our Africa trip is concerned. 
Elias at the Dorothy Home is excited for our arrival and even changed a trip to the US so he could fellowship with our team. At his request we will be building a 15′ high water tower to give them the needed pressure for the household to clean dishes and shower for the 20+ girls who live there. This is all captured rainwater that is treated by a Fountains of Hope system.
Joshua from the Widows home in Kisumu has reached out to us as well as there is a great need in that area for additional purifiers. 

Cynthia just found out that there are 3 team members who were on the fence previously have committed to the trip.; very exciting. Two more for her team would give her a measure of comfort in making sure the Revive and Restore study could be adequately done for the women at Kings Gospel Church.

As for me I could also use a couple of people who are feeling God’s call to go on an adventure: go to places they have never been, see things they have never seen, be changed in a way they never dreamed. 
As my planning for this trip at the end of March slogs along, I am reminded of John Piper saying that God is working 1000 steps ahead of us while we can only see 2 or 3 ahead. I’m very grateful for that because honestly I’m lucky if I can see the next step. Such is humility, thankfully that means it’s not up to me.
A quick money recap; we have raised about 12,500 of the 15,000 need. Thank you all for that, and there is still time for those who were dragging their feet a little. 
We continue to be excited about the trip, we continue to watch expectantly for what God is going to do. 
Please let either Cynthia or myself know if you want to know more info about the trip or how you can be praying for us.
Brian and Cynthia McCall.
Fountains of Hope

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Much has happened since my last post and I want to keep you filled in:

Cynthia and I have just completed another “Trip of a Lifetime”; we just got back from the Holy Land. It was all we imagined. We were able to see all of the main sights traveling with a group of people from all over the U.S. organized by Educational Opportunities. We got to be in the place where the Author of Salvation wrote His story. Being able to ride in a boat on the Sea of Gallalie where Jesus walked on the water and Peter got out of the boat, be on the Mount of Beattitudes, see the place where Jesus fed thousands, was more than inspiring, it was faith strengthening.

We got to see some of the places where it is thought that Jesus was born and also where he died. We even got to spend a while floating in the Dead Sea, a very bizarre experience.

But what was probably the most impactful for me was spending time at the Garden Tomb. You see, without the empty tomb, none of the other things matter. If he doesn’t walk out of that place the price doesn’t get paid. In contrast to many of the other sites we went to, this was outdoors and quiet, even holy. I still think about it and am humbled.

So now as we shake off the last vestiges of jet lag our thoughts turn towards Africa. There is no question that it will also be an amazing adventure. We are going to have three teams doing three different missions. A women’s team will be doing a beautiful teaching for women on who they are in Christ. Bill Farrar will be taking a team to do water purification installations and I will be helping with a few others to do some handyman work for our friends at Dorothy Home for Children.

Remarkably, we have had more success raising money than raising team members. 10,000 of the 15,000 has been raised but we have almost no takers interested in the trip yet. We believe the timing was just wrong.

We are now looking at approximately March 26- April 4th. We would love to have you renew your prayers and see if God is opening a door for you to join us with this new timing. Please let either Cynthia or I know if we can join you in prayer or answer any specific questions. We are looking for women’s team, handyman team and water purification team members. These trips are challenging and wonderful and truly life changing.

Since it’s Giving Tuesday, I will make a shameless plug to finalize donations for the trip. Any amount will help and be gratefully accepted. As I stated, we are 2/3 of the way there and we have a possibility of matching funds for undesignated giving. So please let me know if you are being led in this way.

Thanks for being a part of this and I look forward to hearing from you!

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