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We are sponsors for many great sports events in the area, and this year we are the sponsor of a Zionsville Little League team!  We will be participating in the Sponsors Village on Friday, April 21 from 4-8pm in Lions Park.  Visit us to “gem mine”, find out about our upcoming events, and play in the traveling ‘silver sandbox’… a sampling of our larger assortment of previously loved silver pieces. Events that evening for the entire family.

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Christmas Open House

Saturday, December 3rd
10:00am – 8:00pm

Other Special Events

Saturday, November 26th
Christmas Day Parade
Open 10:00am – 8:00pm

Friday, December 1st – Saturday, December 2nd
Jill Duran Trunk Show
Open 9:00am – 6:00pm (Friday) and 10:00am – 8:00pm (Saturday)

Thursday, December 8th
Chamber Ladies Night
15% off Silver Inc. Box
5:00pm – 8:00pm


Holiday Hours – Call our store or visit us on Facebook to see our extended holiday hours.

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We’re excited to have just opened our new watch room, The Watchatorium! After an extensive build-out in our jewelry store we are proud to offer a unique section of our store dedicated to offering you the best variety of watches and exceptional service. Offering designer watches from BALL, Bering, Hamilton and Tissot watches as well as one of a kind estate watches from all your favorite watch brands. Come stop by our jewelry store in Zionsville to see for yourself! In honor of this new addition we are having a event to celebrate the grand opening.

Join Us On April 23 from 10am-5pm For Refreshments & Exciting Watch Offers!

Zionsville indiana event The watchatorium celebration event

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Recently a customer came to our Zionsville jewelry store with a custom diamond ring design idea they had. The customer saw something similar on 42nd street (the diamond district in New York) and wanted to know if we could do any better. We pride ourselves in having an all star staff of jewelry experts and certified gemologists that can make custom jewelry that’s unique to you. After talking to the customer and understanding what they wanted we were able to craft a ring that blew the customer away with better quality, higher carat weight and it was more than $10,000 less! The custom diamond ring had 11.00 carats of very fine diamonds, exceeding our customers expectations, plus now they were supporting local Indiana businesses!

This custom jewelry service was extra special as this customer had just got done with cancer treatment and he was getting this ring as a gift for his wife as she had been such an angel to him while he was going through a difficult situation.  In the end everyone was happy! Below is this beautiful custom designed diamond ring.  If you are in need of a custom jewelry piece, contact us at 317-733-0099, via our online form or stop by our jewelry store in Zionsville, Indiana for yourself and lets discuss how to make the jewelry piece of your dreams! We also provide many other jewelry services like jewelry repair and jewelry buying services to meet all your needs.


custom diamond ring design service Indianapolis Indiana

Custom diamond ring designed for a customer at our jewelry store! 11.00 carat ring!

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On December 5th, from 10am – 8pm we will be hosting our annual Christmas Open House Event at our jewelry store in Zionsville! Kick off the holiday season at Midwest Jewelers and Estate Buyers and stop by for some Christmas Chocolate Joy from 11am-3pm as well as hors d’oeuvres and beverages from 5-8pm. Add to your x-mas wish list by checking out our all day Jill Duzan trunk show! We look forward to seeing you! View images from last years event here.

RSVP to the event by visiting our Facebook page and get ready to get into the holiday spirit. Get holiday gift ideas with local Indiana jewelry designer Jill Duzan. Explore new designs and find that perfect holiday piece during our Jill Duzan Trunk Show! Jewelry pieces from Jill Duzan are known to have style inspired by nature and designed to enhance a woman’s true essence and natural beauty. So stop by our store for some holiday fun and shopping this Saturday, Dec. 5 from 10am-8pm.


>> Browse A Selection Of Our Jill Duzan Jewelry Collection

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On November 6th and 7th we will be hosting a Freida Rothman Trunk Show event at our jewelry store in Zionsville, Indiana from open to close. During this two day event we will also be running a special for 20% Off ALL Silver Jewelry in-store, just in time for the holidays and for every purchase you get a prize draw and gift! Also, join us for Downtown Abby Style High Tea served between 11am-3pm on Friday ONLY!

Shop silver jewelry from top jewelry designers such as Southern Gates and Freida Rothman as well as our large selection of Previously Loved Silver Bargains! This is the perfect opportunity to get some of your Christmas shopping done while saving you money.

Freida Rothman jewelry has a classic design with a modern twist that you’ll love. Find the perfect pieces to complement your style or to get a start on your holiday shopping. Come experience this exquisite collection and get all your questions answered by our friendly staff of a representative from Freida Rothman who will be attending the event.

>> Browse A Selection Of Our Frieda Rothman Jewelry Collection

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Trunk Show Time:

Friday, November 6          9am-6pm

Saturday, November 7          10am-5pm

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August Birthstone Peridot and Sardonyx Facts

August, the best month of the year. Am I biased because that’s when my birthday is? Of course not. August is a time for the big end of summer parties where you invite your friends over for a big last-of-summer BBQ, and go to the Indiana State Fair, and the exciting adventure of back-to-school shopping. In my mind, the color of Peridot, August’s birthstone, represents the month perfectly. A vibrant green says “It’s still summer, and I’m going to enjoy every last second of it.” That’s why I love it. A little known fact about Peridot is that it is actually found in meteorites from time to time.

August Birthstone Facts and Meanings:

Another lesser known fact about August’s birthstone is that there’s another birthstone called Sardonyx. As you might guess based on the name, it is a specific variation of the classic Black Onyx. The prefix Sard means shades of red, so Sardonyx is a variety of black onyx with very pretty, deep red striations throughout. Sardonyx is less expensive than Peridot, so if you’re keen on finding a gift for a friend of yours that has an August birthday, this is a good way to get her a piece of jewelry without breaking the bank.

Peridot Meaning and Facts

Peridot on the other hand makes an ideal gift for a couple’s 1st and 16th Anniversary.  The birthstone Peridot meanings range for wearers of this gemstone and have been known to associate Peridot with receiving good luck, peace and success as well as good health and protection. The Ancient Romans also called Peridot the “evening emerald” and believed the stone glowed in the moonlight.

>> Whatever stone you love, or want to get for a friend, stop by Midwest Jewelers and Estate Buyers. We have a Gemologist on staff that can answer any question you might throw at him about precious and semi-precious stones. Just ask for Mark. If your birthday is in August, happy birthday! We can’t wait to see you.


Peridot Jewelry

Pictured below is a fabulous Peridot necklace by Jill Duzan, available at our jewelry store in Zionsville, Indiana. Stop by and see this and other birthstone jewelry we carry!

peridot necklace jill duzan

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One of the most frequent questions I get asked is as it relates to my jewelry store is: “What is the coolest thing you have ever seen?”. For me that is an ever changing answer as I truly get to see some unique and amazing things. I have bought an Emmy award as well as a gigantic hand made sterling road race trophy from 1912. I have held the Patek Phillipe that was presented to Walter Hagen when he won the U.S. Open the second time. I could go on and on with stories of treasures I have handled. I have been truly blessed.

Last month my family was on the way to Denver and we stopped to see my brother and his family in Springfield Mo. and had a chance to go to the golf club my brother belongs to. We were there having dinner one evening and my brother introduced me to a man who was the GM of the Springfield Cardinals, a farm team of the St. Louis Cardinals. 
He was very kind and excited about the success of the Cards this year. When he found out I was in the jewelry business, he popped a ring out of his pocket. We let me tell you, it now has the spot in my heart of the coolest thing I have seen. It was the 2011 World Championship Ring for the St. Louis Cardinals. Holy Cow!!!

2011 St. Louis Cardinals Championship Ring

Being a St. Louis native and a lifetime Cards fan, this is a big deal!

This is a massive ring!! It has French cut rubies making up the Cardinal on the top as well as hundreds of diamonds. There are little details all over there ring that are rich in symbolism. There is an itty bitty Stan the Man statue on one side and on the other, just above the home plate, there is the rally squirrel! Remember that? All the way around the ring were all the different years the Cards have won the World Series. All those years could hardly fit!
I took several pictures below which you can blow up to see all of the detail. Too cool!! I wonder what this years ring will look like!?

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Love Stories: new engagement ring & continued passion

The other day I was sitting at my desk when a good friend texted me. “I have a problem.” he began. “My daughter recently got engaged, and…wait for it… her diamond is bigger than my wife’s.” As my accountant, a new diamond for his wife is one of the easier things that he’s ever asked of me, rather than mountains of financial information. As we talked a little bit more about what he wanted, I realized he wanted more than just a diamond upgrade. He wanted to present his wife with a whole new ring. We went back and forth on the design and got her involved in the design. She has a unique style, and he wanted to get her something no one else had. He picked a beautiful Marquis cut diamond that was, in fact, larger than his daughter’s. We eventually decided on a ring design that he thought she’d love. Fast forward, and the custom ordered ring has come in and it looks gorgeous. I give him a call to come pick it up and when he got here I ask him when he’s thinking about giving it to her. He responded “I’ll let you know when it happens.”

To set the scene, downtown Indianapolis is buzzing with the fanfare of the Indy 500 with people from out of town, fun things to do, and exciting things to see.

While walking around, seeing the sites, hearing the sounds, He begins talking to her “If you had to do it all over, would you do it all again?” Having said that, he gets down on one knee, right in the middle of the busy sidewalk, and proposes to her all over again. With tears coming to her eyes, she couldn’t help but say “Yes! One-hundred percent I’d do it all again with you.” She took the ring, and put it on her finger. She absolutely loves it. She is over the moon and he is not only relieved, but also gave his wife a stone that’s comfortably larger than her daughter’s. These are the stories I love; this is the reason I got into the jewelry business. I want to help people make their love’s dreams come true. I will be the first to tell you, it’s truly about the love between two people, not the jewelry. But to give each other an expression of your love for one another, what a great, tangible, way to display each other’s affection. Below is what the beautiful ring looks like:

diamond engagement ring marquis cut

Marquis Diamond Engagement Ring that an Indianapolis man surprised his wife with. The custom ring was crafted by Midwest Jewelers & Estate Buyers in Zionsville, IN

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“It’s official: Bekah & I are engaged and we owe Midwest a BIG THANK YOU! She’s so happy with the ring and can’t stop staring at it! In her words “I couldn’t have made it any more perfect myself!” Josh B.