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                                                  A Good Job Done



The day dawned bright and beautiful here in Chogaria. The plants and trees were particularly green thanks to a cleansing rain overnight and the air has a crispness about it as we loaded up the bus to return to Nairobi. There were lots of animated conversations and a relaxed attitude that has settled over the team.


I believe the feeling of lightness comes from the sense that it was a quite successful stay for us in Chogaria. The women at the conference “got it!” they understood that they no longer had to walk hunched over, looking only down, they could now walk upright, eyes looking up, in the knowledge that they are loved and wanted children of God.


The water team was able to complete two water purification installations. One at an elementary school where Stella the principle has a huge vision for using the water not only for the children but also to bless the community.  The second at the boy’s high school where the boys are literally in class from 7AM to 9 PM. The clean water excites the principal because he knows there will be lees lost class time from stomach illness.

Health and hygiene teaching re-enforced to the students how important washing hands is to staying healthy.


There is almost always a performance by the students when we do an installation at a grade school and this week was no different. There were a couple of rather lengthy and complicated songs they did for us, complete with choreography. The final act however was the stand out. It was done by a boy of maybe 9 years old and it was a poem done in Swahili about the mosquito and the personal fight of one boy against it.

The whole thing was done with such conviction and passion with a contorted look of anger on his face that I thought this must be a very serious young man. When he was done, though, he went back to the group with the biggest smile on his face and looked just like any other nine year old. A movie directors needs to find this kid.


At one point Jim noted that everyone was wearing heavy jackets, long sleeves, sweaters and even knit hats. He thought certainly it must be going to snow later in the day. While it is winter here, it was over 25 degrees centigrade which translates to 80 fahrenheit! They couldn’t believe we crazy Americans were just walking around in short sleeves.

We took a break/detour about an hour north to stand on the equator and get some pictures; a fun treat after the intensity of the week.
All of us will have our own stories of the things that are just not like home, the differences in culture,  and our individual experiences but at the end of it all we know it was a good job done.

No Pics today because of connection issues


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