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As most of the East is digging out from an epic snowfall and we here in the Midwest are still shivering from our cold blast, things have been percolating right along as far as our Africa trip is concerned. 
Elias at the Dorothy Home is excited for our arrival and even changed a trip to the US so he could fellowship with our team. At his request we will be building a 15′ high water tower to give them the needed pressure for the household to clean dishes and shower for the 20+ girls who live there. This is all captured rainwater that is treated by a Fountains of Hope system.
Joshua from the Widows home in Kisumu has reached out to us as well as there is a great need in that area for additional purifiers. 

Cynthia just found out that there are 3 team members who were on the fence previously have committed to the trip.; very exciting. Two more for her team would give her a measure of comfort in making sure the Revive and Restore study could be adequately done for the women at Kings Gospel Church.

As for me I could also use a couple of people who are feeling God’s call to go on an adventure: go to places they have never been, see things they have never seen, be changed in a way they never dreamed. 
As my planning for this trip at the end of March slogs along, I am reminded of John Piper saying that God is working 1000 steps ahead of us while we can only see 2 or 3 ahead. I’m very grateful for that because honestly I’m lucky if I can see the next step. Such is humility, thankfully that means it’s not up to me.
A quick money recap; we have raised about 12,500 of the 15,000 need. Thank you all for that, and there is still time for those who were dragging their feet a little. 
We continue to be excited about the trip, we continue to watch expectantly for what God is going to do. 
Please let either Cynthia or myself know if you want to know more info about the trip or how you can be praying for us.
Brian and Cynthia McCall.
Fountains of Hope

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