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I think I used the title “Exceedingly and Abundantly” too soon in the trip. The women were somewhat overwhelmed yesterday when they got to Kings Gospel Center and had more than 300 women there. They had “over planned” for about 150 women.
150 of these women were Congolese refugees in traditional garb; simply a riot of color! Speaking of riots there was a near problem yesterday when some of the younger Congolese asked for money instead of the food they were being served. Moses was able to diffuse the situation but, to be honest, it was very stressful and a little discouraging.
I am very happy to report that Madison is very well today and wearing her beautiful smile. The water guys were able to assess a site (right next door to KGC!) that is a perfect installation site. We began the process buy having the tanks delivered and arranging for the stonemason to make the pad for the installation.
It is at Kayole Hekima Academy where there is over 350 children enrolled. When we quizzed the headmaster she said that at least ¾ of them have suffered from typhoid or cholera in the last year.  We are thrilled to be bringing the gift of safe drinking water here and had dozens of mini bystanders looking on.
When we were finished for the day we walked back over to KGC and found our women having lunch in the office. Cynthia could not wait to tell us that one of the Congolese women pulled her off to the side and apologized and wanted to make sure that Cynthia understood that was not who they were. Furthermore the woman said today they understood who they were in God and now they know how to pray!
What a turn around from yesterday! Even thought the women are very tired, they have an energy about them and a much more peaceful and purposeful countenance.
Tonight we get to eat some traditional Kenyan dishes and meats as well as enjoy some Kenyan dance.
All’s well indeed.
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Mini bystanders

kenyan childern

– Brian McCall

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