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It was another early morning but no one was lingering to day because we were headed to the Mara Leisure Camp. A longish five hour, no wait, six, no wait, seven hour drive, the last 2 hours were on brutally bumpy roads. It was explained by the driver that the faster you go the more it smoothed out the bumps.


I guess having all my teeth rattled out at once is better than having them rattled out one at a time.


We sensed we were getting close when we were told we were going to take a shortcut. I have seen films of vehicles going across the Australian outback that looked more civilized than where we were.

I kept asking the driver if he was sure we were going the right way as we were weaving around cattle.


Alas we got to the camp, and to be honest our tent was substantially nicer than either of the hotel rooms we stayed in. In fact if the tents were like this when I was scouting, I might not have left. Teak floors, tiled bathrooms with very nice working showers a nice bed with a non-holey mosquito net. Yes, much nicer indeed.


All of the hard travel looked like it was worth it.


After having a tasty lunch we went on our first game drive. Almost as soon as we entered the park we were greeted with lots of wart hogs as well as multitudinous wildebeest.


We traveled for about 30 – 40 min in the park and noticed a clump of safari vehicles

Which usually means something interesting is there. As we rolled up we spied a beautiful female cheetah. She was kind enough to pose for us for a while showing indifference to the gawking tourists.

More driving and we saw giraffes as well as untold other animals. But the coupé de la résistance was the sight of several male lions including a pair, fresh after a kill. They were lounging but alert. Several of the women were very much wanting to hear a lion roar but the experienced driver said he had heard it but never seen it.

So they prayed, and of course both lions began roaring. It was an incredible sight and sound.  God even cares about stuff like that.


Tomorrow should be another amazing day as a majority of the team will head up in a hot air balloon over the animals. It’s supposed to be spectacular.


It seems a little guilty pleasure to be doing these things after being submersed in the poverty where we were working, but I believe that God created all of this amazing beauty for us to enjoy as long as it is done in balance.


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