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Beauty Matters

It’s earlish here in Paris and the weather is gorgeous. We have had a terrific stretch of good weather since we arrived on Thursday. According to the locals it has only just changed as it has been quite rainy and cool till now, so we are thankful for that.


This is RTW 3 and we are actually stuck in traffic aboard a bus that is taking us toward Luxembourg and on to the boat for our cruise after touring the American cemetery including Patton’s grave.


Yesterday we had the opportunity to tour the Palace at Versailles and see the opulence contained therein. This was a hunting lodge for kings Louis the XIII, XIV, and XV. Ultimately here is where the royals were carted back to Paris from after showing showing utter obliviousness and even contempt for the starving masses. Looking around and hearing the stories of the unbridled narcissism, it is not hard to understand why the lost their heads.


Paris in the spring was one of the “pillars” of our ‘Round The World journey Cynthia and I began dreaming and praying about 15 years ago. There is so much history here, all over Europe, really. We in the U.S. of A. really don’t have much of a concept of “old”. Being in the antique jewelry and collectables business, I am dealing with things that are vintage an antique all the time. Actually some of my staff, painfully, uses my age as the benchmark breakoff between vintage and antique; if it’s older than me it must be antique- ouch.


The reality is here, that anything 100 years or less old is just the junk they throw in closets, 2-3-400 years old is where they start paying attention. In fact nothing in the Louvre is less than 170 years old. But oh my, what beauty is contained there!


As we enjoyed hundreds of years of art and the representations of beauty and important events in beautiful ways, I was reminded of how much beauty matters. It wasn’t just at the museum, it was at the palace of Versailles, the Arc de Trimophe,

the Eiffel Tower, all over this city really. The statues, the boulevards, the dozens of museums, Beauty Matters.


Buy why? We are taught from early on that beauty is only skin deep, that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. While these things are true, beauty causes us to pause, causes us to smile, it can take our breath away, it can even bring a tear to our eye. Most of all though it should cause us to look up, to think about the Creator.


Even though most of the beauty we saw this week was man made, I firmly believe it is God above that gifted those artisans with the vision and creativity and skill to render the beautiful.


Finding beauty is easy in a place like Paris, but I believe beauty surrounds us everywhere. I sell jewelry and gemstones that I find beautiful. What is the beauty that matters to you?

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