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Bone tired, throats raw from singing and talking, eyes burning from the ever-present dust. We are just back from an extremely long day and will probably have to wait at least an hour for them to cook dinner here at the hotel diner.
But all we can do is shake our heads, overwhelmed, from the blessings of the day. We were blessed by children surrounding us for most of the day; happy and curious about what the “mzungu” (white man) are doing. The women were blessing other women. There were blessings of physical healing in the conference.  There were several blessings of intentional thanks from the people that we are here to serve. Not just empty thanks but sincere thanks saying how this was going to change their communities.
Yes blessings.
I fear if I tried to share all that’s happened, I would loose every one of you before you were halfway finished reading this.
Thus the Cliff notes version:
Last night we had a special dinner with normal roasted meats like chicken, beef and pork. Additionally there were items like goat and camel and crocodile. Most everyone tried at least a little of everything. The consensus was that the crocodile was not as bad as they feared and no one is scheduling a trip to Egypt anytime soon for more camel.
We were then treated to some traditional African dance in a variety of different styles; Zulu, Luo, and Masai to name a few. Although I’m not sure how classics like the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean fits as traditional African music…
Today was a early morning again and the final day of the Restore Conference at KGC.
This space can not contain all that went on surrounding that, but please know that God showed himself tangibly evident in many ways there. I recommend taking one of these team members to lunch and letting them share what all went on.
The water peeps finished the set up of the tank and the training, even though the pad was not yet ready to have any weight on it.

Well food is not ready yet but my eyes are slamming shut so I will sign off right now.

Tomorrow we travel to Amboselli for our safari drive and the team will get a chance to see some “Discovery Channel” type of Africa. 

Please don’t forget us in your prayers. It is blessing us and we pray you are blessed through it.

fountains of hope blessings


traditional kenyan dance

Traditional Kenyan Dance/ non-traditional Kenyans

kenyans fountain of hope
Art Shot

– Brian McCall

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