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Recently a customer came to our Zionsville jewelry store with a custom diamond ring design idea they had. The customer saw something similar on 42nd street (the diamond district in New York) and wanted to know if we could do any better. We pride ourselves in having an all star staff of jewelry experts and certified gemologists that can make custom jewelry that’s unique to you. After talking to the customer and understanding what they wanted we were able to craft a ring that blew the customer away with better quality, higher carat weight and it was more than $10,000 less! The custom diamond ring had 11.00 carats of very fine diamonds, exceeding our customers expectations, plus now they were supporting local Indiana businesses!

This custom jewelry service was extra special as this customer had just got done with cancer treatment and he was getting this ring as a gift for his wife as she had been such an angel to him while he was going through a difficult situation.  In the end everyone was happy! Below is this beautiful custom designed diamond ring.  If you are in need of a custom jewelry piece, contact us at 317-733-0099, via our online form or stop by our jewelry store in Zionsville, Indiana for yourself and lets discuss how to make the jewelry piece of your dreams! We also provide many other jewelry services like jewelry repair and jewelry buying services to meet all your needs.


custom diamond ring design service Indianapolis Indiana

Custom diamond ring designed for a customer at our jewelry store! 11.00 carat ring!

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Love Stories: new engagement ring & continued passion

The other day I was sitting at my desk when a good friend texted me. “I have a problem.” he began. “My daughter recently got engaged, and…wait for it… her diamond is bigger than my wife’s.” As my accountant, a new diamond for his wife is one of the easier things that he’s ever asked of me, rather than mountains of financial information. As we talked a little bit more about what he wanted, I realized he wanted more than just a diamond upgrade. He wanted to present his wife with a whole new ring. We went back and forth on the design and got her involved in the design. She has a unique style, and he wanted to get her something no one else had. He picked a beautiful Marquis cut diamond that was, in fact, larger than his daughter’s. We eventually decided on a ring design that he thought she’d love. Fast forward, and the custom ordered ring has come in and it looks gorgeous. I give him a call to come pick it up and when he got here I ask him when he’s thinking about giving it to her. He responded “I’ll let you know when it happens.”

To set the scene, downtown Indianapolis is buzzing with the fanfare of the Indy 500 with people from out of town, fun things to do, and exciting things to see.

While walking around, seeing the sites, hearing the sounds, He begins talking to her “If you had to do it all over, would you do it all again?” Having said that, he gets down on one knee, right in the middle of the busy sidewalk, and proposes to her all over again. With tears coming to her eyes, she couldn’t help but say “Yes! One-hundred percent I’d do it all again with you.” She took the ring, and put it on her finger. She absolutely loves it. She is over the moon and he is not only relieved, but also gave his wife a stone that’s comfortably larger than her daughter’s. These are the stories I love; this is the reason I got into the jewelry business. I want to help people make their love’s dreams come true. I will be the first to tell you, it’s truly about the love between two people, not the jewelry. But to give each other an expression of your love for one another, what a great, tangible, way to display each other’s affection. Below is what the beautiful ring looks like:

diamond engagement ring marquis cut

Marquis Diamond Engagement Ring that an Indianapolis man surprised his wife with. The custom ring was crafted by Midwest Jewelers & Estate Buyers in Zionsville, IN