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One of the most frequent questions I get asked is as it relates to my jewelry store is: “What is the coolest thing you have ever seen?”. For me that is an ever changing answer as I truly get to see some unique and amazing things. I have bought an Emmy award as well as a gigantic hand made sterling road race trophy from 1912. I have held the Patek Phillipe that was presented to Walter Hagen when he won the U.S. Open the second time. I could go on and on with stories of treasures I have handled. I have been truly blessed.

Last month my family was on the way to Denver and we stopped to see my brother and his family in Springfield Mo. and had a chance to go to the golf club my brother belongs to. We were there having dinner one evening and my brother introduced me to a man who was the GM of the Springfield Cardinals, a farm team of the St. Louis Cardinals. 
He was very kind and excited about the success of the Cards this year. When he found out I was in the jewelry business, he popped a ring out of his pocket. We let me tell you, it now has the spot in my heart of the coolest thing I have seen. It was the 2011 World Championship Ring for the St. Louis Cardinals. Holy Cow!!!

2011 St. Louis Cardinals Championship Ring

Being a St. Louis native and a lifetime Cards fan, this is a big deal!

This is a massive ring!! It has French cut rubies making up the Cardinal on the top as well as hundreds of diamonds. There are little details all over there ring that are rich in symbolism. There is an itty bitty Stan the Man statue on one side and on the other, just above the home plate, there is the rally squirrel! Remember that? All the way around the ring were all the different years the Cards have won the World Series. All those years could hardly fit!
I took several pictures below which you can blow up to see all of the detail. Too cool!! I wonder what this years ring will look like!?