We have many favorite stories from working with customers over the years. One of our favorites was when a young man came into the store on Christmas Eve needing to raise $750, so his dog could have a lifesaving operation. Brian asked to see the piece of jewelry he had, and the young man pulled out a beautiful ring from his grandmother. “I looked at it and said I couldn’t give him $750. Immediately, you could see the young man’s shoulders sink. Then I said, ‘How about $2,500?’ His eyes glistened when he realized that I wasn’t kidding. I love that.”

One time, a woman came in with a small box of leftovers from her weekend-long garage sale. She showed Brian the box, and he pulled out a pair of 14 Karat enameled opera glasses that were engraved with the year 1904. “I said, ‘I can offer you $1,500 for those.’ She looked at me in stunned disbelief and said she had been selling items all weekend and only netted $750. I was very happy to help her out.”

A man from Kokomo came sauntering in and flipped a $20 gold coin on the counter. He said, “What can you give me for it?” When Brian asked for the story of the coin, the man replied, “The last guy that saw it offered me $500 for it. I want to know what you will give me.” Brian looked at the man, at the coin and at the man again. “I said, ‘I will give you $9,000 for the coin.’ The man smiled and said, ‘In that case, you can buy the rest of the collection!’ The man knew what he had; he was just looking for someone he could trust, and we passed the test.”

We have dozens of stories like these and love it every time.