“When my BMW went south, Brian made a house call to buy my items. He is the only reason I was able to buy a Honda within that same week.”
– Alice M.

“I can’t say enough about Midwest Jewelers. Beautiful store and the friendliest people. Had a couple pieces of jewelry I wanted to sell. Mark took care of me and gave me a more than fair price for my two pieces. Will go back most definitely.”
– Mary C. (Yelp.com Review)

“I have never met people as genuine, honest and fair as Mark and Barbara. I had a ring I wanted to sell and stopped there first. The three jewelers I stopped at after consistently offered me 20% less than their offer. It’s very rare to receive great value and elite customer service, but you will find it here. 5 stars.”
– Justin M. (Yelp.com Review)

“Went in for the first time today to sell some old jewelry that I don’t wear anymore. I was a bit nervous as I’ve never sold any jewelry before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a great experience with Mark; he was very knowledgable, and I think he evaluated my pieces fairly and honestly. He gave me a good price for all of it. I didn’t feel intimidated or like I was being taken advantage of. I would definitely go to Midwest again to buy or sell, and I’d recommend them to anyone.”
– Maisha L. (Yelp.com Review)

“Very fair appraisal of my wife’s mother’s jewelry (right in line with what she was expecting). Quick, efficient, pleasant and very informative. Highly recommended. Very nice showroom, worth plenty to browse at every price level. Beautiful fish tank. Will return.”
– Jim B. (Yelp.com Review)

“Had a ring that I had no use for, so I decided to bring it to MEB to see if they’d be interested in buying it. Stephanie greeted me as soon as I came in the door, and she couldn’t have been more pleasant. She took me back to see David, and he looked at the ring, dropped some knowledge about it and made me feel confident that I was getting a fair deal on the price – and I did. The ring wasn’t much to look at and isn’t what I would call a popular style, but he still bought it. The shop itself is quaint and very nice inside. Lots of interesting artifacts and such to look at and a really cool aquarium. This place is as professional as you could hope for, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to unload some jewelry or even pick some up. A very smoothly run operation, and Stephanie and David are very nice and professional people. I’m a happy camper with some extra green guys in my pockets. Thanks, David and Stephanie.”
– Michael G. (Yelp.com Review)

“I’m always apprehensive of ‘gold’ places or anywhere you sell valuable things. Midwest Jewelers is amazing though. The store is charming and full of really neat things if you’re buying. The people working are super friendly and courteous. I’ve sold on a few separate occasions. My first time was a coin collection that I had worked on for a few years; nothing really valuable. I had no idea what anything was worth, but when going through the items, it was explained what the normal rate for a few things was and what they could offer me. I never felt cheated or that I was being taken advantage of. I appreciate that more than anything. I’ve also sold pieces of broken jewelry and gold pieces as well. I always feel like I am being treated fairly, and that means a lot. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them. I would encourage anyone looking to contact them first, even if the distance is a little farther away. I’m more than happy to drive the half-hour, knowing I’m getting great service and a fair deal.”
– Brit J. (Yelp.com Review)

“Love this store! Everyone there was helpful and friendly. Offerings of beautiful jewelry in every price range. Especially love the estate choices. Reasonably priced and great quality.”
– Ann S. (Yelp.com Review)

“Good place to bring broken or unwanted jewelry. They also have a good selection of vintage fine jewelry for sale. I enjoyed looking at their case of special vintage jewelry that is a personal collection not for sale.”
– Amy C. (Yelp.com Review)