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In our near zombie state last night we piled back onto the bus and headed to the Dorothy home. It was great to see the girls again and fun to see how much they have grown! They even had a song they were singing that was made up for us specifically.
After listening them do many bible verses in unison and many songs in harmonies, we had a chance to listen to pastor Elias share his continued vision for the girls. One for health and education and a future. I was able to then connect the dots to that vision and the new computer lab that many of you helped with. We were able to deliver 21 fully functional lap top machines with fresh software on them.
My staff at Midwest Jewelers and Estate Buyers and Hidden Treasures was kind enough to donate enough sweaters for them to have new uniforms for school. I wrapped each of the laptops in a sweater and packed them all in sealed tubs. All of the tubs were clearly marked with ORPHANAGE SUPPLIES and inside each one was a letter stating that this was a mission trip and these computers were being used in that manner.
Of course TSA could not abide by the sealed tubs so each of the tubs had been opened and checked and resealed. If any of you have checked a bag recently while traveling you know that TSA leaves one of their little cards in the bag.  On one of those “TSA was here” cards one of the agents had written “God Bless You!”
Throughout every part of this journey, starting with the earliest planning stages I have been struck buy this thought of “Exceedingly and Abundantly”. I asked for 15,000$ and collected almost 19,000$. I asked for 10 computers and 26 were donated. I didn’t even ask for the sweaters and people stepped up to make that happen. Even in the last week I had 2 very faithful friends step up to help cover finances for the food for the conferences when we realized there would be a shortfall. And now the pastors of Kings Gospel Church are talking about numbers of attendees that we had not imagined. It’s been frankly overwhelming.
When I saw the note on the TSA card the tears welled up, because it was just more evidence that God has his hand on this trip.
Easter sermon at KGC delivered by Cynthia and myself was as powerful as we imagined it. More about that tomorrow.
Continue to pray, the women’s conference starts tomorrow!
TSA happygram
fountains of hope TSA

The kids from our team playing with some of the kids from the Dorothy home.

The kids from our team playing with some of the kids from the Dorothy home

– Brian McCall

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