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Fountains of Hope

Fountains of Hope

Today we woke up to gentle rain at the Dorothy home and had a traditional breakfast of Arrowroot, fruit and chipoti, kind of like a soft tortilla that I put honey on. Our ride arrived around 8:30 in a much smaller vehicle designed specifically for safaris as the roof lifts up around 2 feet over the passenger seating, giving everyone a 360 degree view standing up.

As we headed out of Nairobi, the steady rain turned to downpour and Just like Indianapolis, everyone seemed to have forgotten how to drive. We finally made it out of town and needed to stop for some money exchanges and happened to run into a couple of women who were coming from Amboseli park.

They were a little dejected because the view of Kilimanjaro was obscured. John the driver was telling us that at this time of year it is obscured more often than not. To be honest, this was the thing I was looking forward to the most on this trip. None the less the park was going to have a wide selection of wildlife that we had not previously experienced and, in spite of the early rain and clouds on the mountain, it was a beautiful day.

We made it to the park; after being accosted by the Masai hawking their trinkets at the gate, and entered Amboseli National Park. Again the weather was perfect. John pointed to where the mountain was and we could see the steel blue shoulders of the mountain but that faded into the seemingly unmovable cloud cover.

The park still afforded us countless sights as we drove around simply marveling at the wonder and creativity of God. Birds beyond description, Thompsons antelope numbering like so many squirrels in the city park, and endless wildebeest and water buffalo. The most majestic though was the elephants.

The census in the park says there are about 300 of these giant creatures in this 150 square mile park and I must believe we saw at least half of them this day. From the 2 day old baby that astonishingly did not get crushed as it moved in and out of the legs of the walking adults to the dominant behemoth that had tusks that nearly scraped the ground. Truly an impressive display.

We began to move to another area of the park and Mike hollered “There’s the mountain! There’s Kilimanjaro”. The clouds had lowered and the snow-capped crown was visible. We all stood in slack jawed marvel. There was a point when we all put down the cameras and marveled. I know that each one of us thanked God in our own way. It’s the only response.

Eventually all the clouds blew away and we saw in full majesty the view. Truly wondrous.

Most of the time I bump through life, trying to make good and wise and Godly decisions but if I was going to be totally honest, I would have to say that there is a lot more Brian in the process than God. But once in a while…

I have shared with some of you times when the cloud lifts from my mind and I am able to discern with certainty what God is trying to tell me or what He wants me to do. Times that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am in His will. It is what I call a temporary moment of clarity.

For all of us we experienced that clarity when the clouds cleared from the mountain. Even if it was only a thimble full of Gods Glory, it was almost more than our eyes could bear.

At the end of this journey, thank you for joining us. All that was written this past ten days was the trip seen through my eyes meant to challenge and inspire. I would encourage all of you to take a trip of your own, even if it’s only down the street, for the purpose of giving to others, and see for yourself what God has not yet made clear to you.

Amen and Amen.

Brian McCall
Fountains of Hope

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