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Fountains of Hope

Fountains of Hope

The roosters are crowing and the sky is clear and blue, it looks like it is going to be another glorious day!

Yesterday was quite a day. We started out viewing the additional sites and it became clear that there was a misunderstanding of what our needs were to be able to install a successful system; namely a consistent water source. They were taking us to schools in extremely rural areas where there was a desperate need for water, not just safe drinking water.

As we worked through some of those challenges we decided it would be best for me to go with a couple of Kenyans and try to locate some tanks and for the rest of the team to view other potential installation sites.

So I was treated to about 15 more km of “African Massage” all the way to Kisumu. Our group, on the second try, was able to locate an open hardware store that had exactly what we needed. While I was waiting I was next to a very handsome young man in traditional Masai garb(the fiercest of all the Kenyan tribes, as well as the tribe which adheres to tradition the most). We were chatting as he knew a little English and I was marveling at the outfit, he even had the larger holes in his ears for the oversized ear jewelry.

I then heard a small tweet, tweet! and he pulled aside his robe and right next to his long sword was a very shiny white cell phone which he answered in local dialect.
Talk about your surreal moments…

On our way back to reconnect with the larger group, we got a call that the bus was stuck in the mud close to one of the other sites. It was like pulling up to a circus, there were children and adults watching, pointing and laughing, and jumping into and out of the action. There was a cable attached to a large tractor hooked to the back of the bus which was at about a 40 degree angle and up to the axle in mud on one side.

The tractor was not able to pull it out by itself so we mustered all of the men from the 47 gawkers (I counted them) and got on the stuck side and started to rock the bus side to as the tractor was pulling. Finally inch by inch and smoking tires it came free to the cheers of all.

There are pictures on Bill Farrar’s Facebook page if you are interested.

There comes a point in every trip like this where the adrenaline of the new has worn off and the jet lag from the travel coupled with the unfamiliar sleeping and you just start to get crabby and tired and question whether you are really doing any good or not.

We are there. This is the place where we need to default not to our human selves but rather to ask for divine strength, patience and love. Wouldn’t’ it be great to have a default response that was to love and not anger, or patience and not aggravation?

The thought I want to end with today is: When we pray for the fruit of the Spirit it is not just for when we are upbeat and perky but rather all of the time. Our attitude in times of stress is what others will notice. Perhaps that is the way God wants it; the world knows what the human response looks like, but it is those imbued with the Holy Spirit that can remain calm who can show the love of God when things aren’t as planned.

When we are at our worst, Got is at his best, that way He gets the credit.

Brian McCall
Fountains of Hope

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