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Fountains of Hope

Fountains of Hope

Yesterday was a travel day for us. We left Nairobi about an hour and a half late, pretty good for Kenyan time, and headed towards Kisumu. The trip is about 5-6 hours (Kenyan hours) but that does allow for the seemingly endless construction and potholes that make ours look like dimples in a golf ball.

We stopped for lunch in Nakuru, where there is a very large national park. Supposedly the largest flock in the world of greater flamingos lives there but this is the 3rd time I’ve been here, each at different times of the year, and they have always been off somewhere else. I’m beginning to wonder….

We pushed on from there to Ahero just outside of Kisumu and met our government contact there at a very chaotic gas station. We were told that because of the rain the roads would not be passible for the bus. So we would follow the little truck until we couldn’t go further then all of us would pile into the pick up. Let me pause for just a second and describe the pick up.

First of all, this is a government vehicle, plates and all. I’m not sure of the year, but I’m pretty sure my friend had one just like it in high school. It was a small Toyota four door with a very short bed, and four-wheel drive, and a welded on roll bar that I was afraid we would need.

Back to the story: we followed said truck for about a kilometer then came to a muddy pothole that was roughly the size of a bug. A Volkswagen, not a cockroach.
So we piled out of the bus and into and onto the pickup. Lets do a quick head count here; the 4 members of the team plus our interpreter, the government official, his two hydro engineers, the concrete mason and the driver.

If I stood sideways in the bed, I could get one hand on the roll bar. So we proceeded that way for approximately 10km over terrain that would have challenged the stoutest monster truck. We finally made it without loosing life or limb. Small miracles gladly accepted.

We then were able to tour a school of about 450 children and assess the need for clean water there.

Tomorrow we will begin assembly of 5 tanks for this school and 4 others like it.

We are at the beginning of the rainy season here so at the end of the day we were settling into our rooms and the gentle rain started pitter-pattering on the tin roof of the hotel. Always relaxing for me and a beautiful way to end the day.

Brian McCall
Vice President
Fountains of Hope

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