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Fountains of Hope

Fountains of Hope

We are bouncing home, literally, after finishing the installation at the Kings House of Prayer. Shadrak and Moses, pastor and elder at the church, “got it”, they understood what this was going to mean to not only the church, but to the community at large. This is what it’s all about, community and being able to bless others as you have been blessed.

It has been pointed out to me that I should introduce the team. There are 4 of us each of us about as different as can be. My brother Neil is a money manager and has always listened and read intently about my trips and had mentioned in the past that he wanted to go sometime. It is both an honor and a privilege to be here with him. We have always been fairly competitive but this shared experience has certainly mellowed that (not to mention his advanced age and diminished skill set J).

Mike Leslie is a semi retired machinist who is good at figuring out mechanical things. His and my paths have intersected a couple of times and most recently he was in a Bible study class that I was in. I put the group on my blog list and he almost instantly felt the call of God to do one of these trips. I was initially worried about his health issues, but he told me that if he died, we didn’t have to ship his body back as he has no family. Just sprinkle his ashes on Kilimanjaro. So I agreed, I’ve always wanted to see Kilimanjaro.

Then Bill, the Executive Director of the ministry and key trainer and engineer is along this time and doing most of the heavy lifting as it pertains to installation and training. It is always fun having him along and we both poke good natured fun at each other whenever we can.

Finally me, the documenter of the goings on. The main reason I write these musings is that it gets me out of all of the work of the installations. Just kidding. The truth is that when I am on these trips I am just compelled to write. I have realized that this is a rather imperfect medium for sharing my thoughts, though. I am torn between fully developing all of the thoughts that come crashing at me throughout these trips and keeping the posts short enough that people will actually read them.

I don’t want to resort to “bumper sticker” type posts but the reality is that no amount of words that I could throw at these days even begins to bring in to full view what we experience here.

I guess you’ll just have to join me on a trip sometime and see it for yourself!

Tonight I am treating the crew to a place that a friend of my brother’s recommended called Carnivore. I doubt if anyone is having a salad.

Post Script: I am so glad I couldn’t get this sent last night because I need to share with you some of the selections that were brought to our table Brazilian restaurant style. In fact I have now both added and crossed off several foods off my bucket list including ostrich meatballs which was more like red meat than poultry and rather tasty. Then there was the crocodile which had a vaguely shrimp taste.

There were at least 8 more recognizable meats brought around but one selection that I could not understand the name for, was not, is not, nor will ever be on my list, was something that I found out later was the African equivalent of rocky mountain oysters (some wild animal testicles). I’m slightly nauseous just writing about it. Oh well, just more of the adventure!


Brian McCall
Vice President
Fountains of Hope

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