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Fountains of Hope

Fountains of Hope

“One of my Favorite times of the day”

The breeze feels heavenly. After a day out in the city of Nairobi, sucking all of the exhaust fumes and swirling dust into my lungs, it is a blessing to sit on the portico of the Dorothy home feeling the gentle wind blow away the noise and smells of the day. I am sharing this area with some of the girls from the home who are quietly doing their homework. It’s almost like being in a library.

We toured the site of Peter and Asnath Gaturi who run a school and church in one of the Nairobi slums. We were all compelled by their passion and commitment to the children and school, but in the end we felt a purifying system at their site would not have been a good fit for either them or FoH. The main point, besides having very inconsistent water flow, was that when they do have water, it doesn’t make anyone sick. A rare blessing in Kenya.

From there we went to the Kayole area and met Moses and Shadrack at the Kings Gospel Center and House of Prayer. Let all of those names soak in for a second. Each name straight out of the Bible and after talking to them for even a short time, you recognize that their devotion is no less than their namesakes in the Old Testament.

After hearing what a struggle safe drinking water is for them we decided to do an installation there, which we will hopefully complete tomorrow.

One of my favorite times of the day is when we all take a minute and share what God showed us today. Today, with two people having never traveled to Africa, this remarkable, exotic land, or ever being on a mission trip, what they said that impacted them most was…. the people, especially the children.

I would have to agree. What I realized is that the biggest asset or resource here is the passion of the people. The pastors and directors of the communities we are partnered with are such selfless workers and love these children unconditionally and do it all for almost no money. They simply don’t have that resource.

I was struck that the resource of finances in the states is unimaginably prevalent and we take so much for granted. I know we think money gets tight but lets be honest for a second; we will think nothing of getting a haircut for 25-50 bucks or going out to dinner for $50 or $75. But tomorrow Elias doesn’t know how he is going to feed the 25 girls here, and for $50 he can feed them all for a week. And he doesn’t complain, just relies on God with a faith that I can barely understand.

I’m certainly not trying to lay a guilt trip on anyone but for me, spending time here drives home the reality of how good we have it, and what the heck am I complaining about?

2 quick notes; This was late because of no internet connection last night, I’m sure you understand

Uwase a local 9 year old orphan here wanted to know what I was doing and I told him, he wanted to make sure that I told everyone at home Hi! The people here are truly remarkable.

Brian McCall
Vice President
Fountains of Hope

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