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Fountains of Hope

Fountains of Hope

Today was a day of some frustrations; our driver Abuto was almost out of gas in the government vehicle and could only fill his tank at one gas station which is in Kisumu, a half an hour away from where he was. The problem was that the only authorized station that he was allowed to get gas at was out of gas. It took another several hours to get the money authorized for him to get a half a tank of gas. Really.

Then at one of the selected schools the fundi (brick mason) never showed up and the pad had not been started. They had just hired another one and he was just starting to dig the foundation when we got there.

That’s when I separated from the team to secure the rest of the needed supplies and exchange some dollars to shillings. I am getting quite adept at negotiating a better exchange rate at the banks. I’m in my element there.

Fortunately the rest of the team was able to work at Ombeiyo (the Kenyans can’t even pronounce it) and a couple of other sites that were far enough along for the tank installations.

They had a great story about a football (soccer) match happening at the school with a rival school. The home team scored and hundreds of people went crazy, students and adults alike. They all were yelling and running out onto the field in a frenzy, all while the game was still going on. Three more times the home team scored and three more times was the same unbridled celebration. It was quite a spectacle.

I have couple of confessions; I am an unrepentant Olympic lover. I lost much sleep watching the Sochi games. I also love Phantom of the Opera, I have seen it numerous times including live on Broadway with my son Jacob. The music causes me instantly to float away and “Music of the Night” is one of my all time favorite songs.

One evening I was working on a large puzzle with the Olympics on and I was a little zoned out. Then the first strings of “Music of the Night” started up and it was the Chinese skater in her long figure skating program. Two of my favorite things married together. I was in the middle of putting a piece in place and stopped in mid stretch and looked up.

This afternoon after spending the day searching for another tank and other supplies as well as touring the public water facilities at the edge of Lake Victoria, Abuto and I were headed back to Ahero. There was a major rainstorm in front of us as we drove east, away from the sun , a spectacular and vivid double rainbow formed in front of us. I was in the middle of talking to the driver and I stopped and looked up.

It gave me the opportunity to share the story of Noah with Abuto, who had not heard it even though he is a Christian. What an awesome experience. Getting to talk about the promises of God and connect that to the promise of Jesus because I was able to stop and look up.

I want to encourage each of you today to stop and look up; notice something that makes you smile or relax or points you to God.

Brian McCall
Fountains of Hope

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