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Fountains of Hope

Fountains of Hope


The Most frequent question I get asked when people find out I am headed back to Africa is “did you get your shots?”. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. To be perfectly honest, I can’t even hear a mosquito anymore without getting slightly nauseous. Almost dying from malaria is a great motivator.

I realize that it has been quite a while since I sent out the announcement of the trip; I have been more prolific in the past with updates leading up to these trips. I don’t know if it is just “old hat” now that this is the third trip to Kenya, or if I have been avoiding it for some other unknown reason.

Non the less, there is no less work to do and the level has ratcheted up with the trip looming this coming Monday. So I am writing now to update you all on the status and let you know how you can still be part of the trip (don’t worry, I’m not asking for more money).

In fact God has richly blessed this trip financially, raising within a couple of thousand dollars of the stretch 25,000 goal. So thank you all who contributed!

What I really need is prayer support. We are going into areas that are not without dangers – I shouldn’t have watched the Dateline show about the Nairobi Mall attack-and certainly mosquito born viruses can be hazardous, as well as traveling on poorly regulated and maintained roads.

My wonderful prayer-warrior wife will be setting up a daily calendar which can help you pray for specific needs as we move along the country.

I have been in contact with the Water Minister in Kisumu and he is very excited that we are coming and he has already set up resources for us to provide 5 units in different public schools there. There will also be another church/community center in Nairobi that we will be able to provide one for as well. My brother has also secured computers which is going to be able to help the children in the Dorothy Home to set up a technology training center.

Obviously there has been much happening and it is evident that there is still lots God has planned for us there.

So if you are interested in partnering with this group in prayer, please respond to this email and I will make sure you get one of the daily prayer calendars that Cynthia will make up.

As usual I will try to do a daily post while we are in country to attempt to give you a flavor of what we are experiencing. I will try to challenge you as I challenge the team to watch and see what God is doing all around each of us and stretch us all.

Brian McCall
Fountains of Hope

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