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It’s early in the morning on Saturday and the rains began in earnest overnight. We are very thankful for a dry week here in Nairobi and are hopeful that they hold off a little more in Kisumu, six hours to the west. We are headed there today after spending a couple of hours with the girls from the Dorothy home at a local amusement park.
Last night we celebrated Bill’s birthday (Yes it’s on April fools day…insert joke here) with the staff and children at Dorothy home. It was a beautiful evening of prayer and praise, and cake and ice cream!
We began the day with our morning safari drive. Unfortunately Mt. Kilimanjaro chose not to lift her veil of clouds and the peak remained hidden. However, Amboselli did not disappoint.
The two animals that we had not seen the day before were giraffe and cheetah. We had said some prayers for these sightings.
Almost as soon as we were out of the gate we had stopped to look at some birds we hadn’t seen before and  Madison saw a brown blur and shouted LION! It wasn’t a lion, in fact it was 3 cheetahs giving chase to some zebras!! A fairly remarkable sight that we were blessed to see. Alas, the cheetahs had trouble separating one from the herd and finished the chase with empty mouths.
We continued on the drive and were treated to many more glorious sights. We were approached suspiciously by a young bull elephant replete with trumpeting warnings for us.
Still no giraffe though.
Amboselli park is very flat with the exception of a mound that is about 100 ft high that sits not far away from our lodge. There is a small observation deck there and we had a chance to sit at the top for a little while.  It overlooks one of the watering holes frequented by the park inhabitants.
The feeling I get when I am up there is one of almost total peace. It is quiet and the vistas are spectacular. I feel almost like the king of the jungle as I watch families of elephants make their way to the water. It is soul refreshing for me. 

It was disappointingly time to leave the park. Everyone was enjoying Gods wonder. As we were headed down the road toward the highway, (about a 70KM stretch of dirt road) I spied some very tall necks on the horizon. GIRRAFFE! We stopped and looked through the binoculars at these graceful creatures. A few more klicks down the road there was another family right by the road and we were able to get some very nice pictures.

Trip to the park complete, thanks God!
Well the place is waking up here now and I need to get my own herd on the bus for our time with the children then long ride to Kisumu.
Prayers for safe travels and rainy season to hold off for a few more days to the west where we are headed.
kenya elephant herd
High Above.
giraffe in kenyaFinal Blessing
cheetah in kenya
Well crap! Now what are we going to do for breakfast?
– Brian McCall

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