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Hakuna Matata (ha kun a * ma tata) orig. Swahili. Phrase meaning no worries.
Shabable (shah bob el) orig. Troy. noun 1. What comes out the south end of a north facing antelope. Usage: A socially acceptable replacement for a shorter, similar sounding word meaning the same thing.
Rainy season has started…Hakuna Matata
We are 7 KM from the nearest paved road…Hakuna Matata
Our experienced driver is called away unexpectedly…Hakuna Matata
Our new driver is not experienced in the rain…Hakuna Matata
We are stuck in the mud…Shabbable
The women began the second conference in the afternoon with around 60 very enthusiastic women in attendance.  The interpreter was Joshua’s wife Abigail. She was nervous at first but settled in and did a wonderful job translating into the local dialect Luo. The response of the women was terrific and when it was time for the day to end they didn’t want to leave, they were hungry for more!
The water team met with less success. Some of the systems we installed previously have not been well maintained and we are having to troubleshoot problems on existing systems instead of doing new installations. Bill is taking time to emphasize the importance of maintaining the purifiers at the sites and the people seem to be understanding and responding positively.
Our 2 hour round trip to town for supplies took almost 5, so goes Kenya. Even with the frustrations though the water folks are poised to do a lot of work today and catch up.
Interesting note: We found out that Indiana apparently has a world famous pizza recipe. See picture below.
The day has dawned with sunshine and rosters crowing and birds chirping happily.
Lets pray that no shabable happens.
World famous pizza
unnamed (1)
3,2,1, Chapati!! We have taught the kids to say this when we are taking a picture. They are always very enthusiastic.
– Brian McCall

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