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It has been something of a whirlwind since we returned from RTW leg one.

The turn around time is only 3 weeks between trip one and trip two and we had a son get engaged, plus meeting new future in-laws, joining a new (old) church, , throw in a chili cook off and a going away party, as well as catching up on work and laundry; it’s exhausting just writing about it!

Please don’t hear complaining, just a very full schedule.

The good news is Cynthia found a supplement that greatly reduced the effects of jet lag. We both used it with remarkable success. If it works again this time I will definitely pass on the info.

Tuesday we leave for Egypt and Israel the next leg of Round The World (RTW). As many of you know it’s something Cynthia and I have been planning and dreaming and saving for for 15 years to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

The first 3 days will be spent at a prayer conference in Cairo then we will spend a few days in the cradle of civilization in Egypt. We are really looking forward to all we will learn there.

In Israel there will be a few surprises as we travel there as well that I can’t wait to share with you!

On to some business about the upcoming mission trip to Kenya in July.

By the grace of God, a group of very generous jewelers I deal with helped raise over 14,000. This puts us very close to the 18,000 goal and I’m confident we will raise the rest in short order. Thank you God!

Vital Information:

We have as many as 15 people who are either committed or seriously considering going. We would like to have firm commitments buy this MONDAY.  Money won’t be due until the middle of April, but we are ready to make reservations.

Please email me directly with confirmations, even if you have told me you were going previously.

The travel dates will be on or about July 1 through on or about July 15.

The cost will be 3295.00

We will be doing a small work project at the Dorothy Childrens Home, installing 3 purifiers at 3 different sites as well as bringing the message of hope for women inspired by Revive and Restore ministries. Also I am in the process of booking accommodations at Maasai Mara to view the migration.

As always these are full and exciting and stretching trips! Cynthia and I can’t wait to share these adventures with you!

Fishing Village in Malta


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