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As a leader on these trips one of the things I love to do with the team is get them out of their comfort zones – easy to do here. Last night after we were done at the widows home we had some time and went to Lake Victoria to experience the “Kenyan car wash” where locals drive all manner of vehicle directly into the lake to hand wash it. 

We also got to go out on a small boat to experience some of LV water level. The boat itself was interesting with numerous repairs that were loosing the battle at keeping the water out as well as couple of leaks yet to be repaired. But it was fine because a young boy came along with us whose job it was to bail water out of the boat.

We got a chance to see the giant floating pad of water hyacinth as well as some hippopotami.  Interesting fact: We learned that hippopotamus are able to move in the water at about 8 knots. Jared and I calculated the top speed of the craft we were in at 10, so we were fine…
One of the things I have been learning this last year and leading up to the trip is what an important leadership characteristic humility is.
Yesterday we got to experience that first hand in church. As predicted Pastor Joshua asked us to say a few words, “well, why don’t you just do the whole sermon?” I asked if they would like to hear a nice Easter sermon (I could adjust the one from last week, already written).  He said sure and I had some measure of relief.
As Joshua stood up in front of his congregation, he asked his wife Abigail to join him up on the platform. He started to introduce the Revive and Restore conference, then proceeded with a heartfelt apology to Abigail with how poorly he has been treating her. He stood up and said restoration is already coming to him (the conference hasn’t even started yet). This went on for quite a while bringing Abigail, and many of us, to tears. God is indeed working one thousand steps ahead. 

At that point I abandoned my sermon as it added nothing. I did challenge the men of the congregation to follow the lead of their pastor and treat the women in their lives better. Cynthia then had an opportunity to connect this to the message of R&R and talk about how men and women were created to be co-laborers in God’s creation.

For our prayers, the conference starts today and there seems to be something called “white spirits” which affect the community here. So there is an awareness of the real presence of satan’s work here. Prayers for discernment and for the women to stand in the authority granted by God.
on a boat in kenya

It’s good to have friends who will bail you out.

flooding in kenya

My favorite car wash.

– Brian McCall

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