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I Love a Bargain


Our hotel is in the shadow of the Great Pyramids and once again we have been overwhelmed by the new experiences.


But first a couple of disclaimers: There are quite a few new people on this list thanks to a funding campaign a good friend of mine sponsored on one of my Facebook groups. As I consider many of my new readers I am struck by their diversity. There are agnostics and atheists, Buddhists, Hindus and Jews, some Muslims and even a few Presbyterians. All joining with us in bringing clean water to Kenya.


So I apologize in advance to my non-Christian friends if this is too Christian and I apologize to my Christian friends if it is not Christian enough.


I’ve never hidden my Christianity but neither will I use it as a blunt instrument, that is not the message of Christ.


The second disclaimer is that in an effort to bring some of the new folks up to speed I will be reiterating a few things I have previously shared.


These trips for my wife and I are a party for our senses, sight and sound, hearing and touch, along with smell.


Our flight over seas included a brief layover in Zurich. When we de-planed I was hit with a smell that brought me back almost 40 years. It is amazing how powerful a smell can be to trigger memories. The alps were part of the trip my parents took me on when I graduated high school. I didn’t realize at the time how special the sweet alpine scent was.


We also had a newly married flight attendant that listened intently to our story about the genesis of our RTW trip. She even came back later to make sure she had the correct name of Wild at Heart, the book by John Eldridge that was the catalyst behind Cynthia and my trips so many years ago.


We are well into RTW part deux. The second leg of our Round The World 30th anniversary trip we started dreaming of and saving for 15 years ago. These are trips that are from our bucket lists of places to see before we die. Because of the health issues each of my siblings are dealing with the trips have added another layer of poignancy to us.


This leg is going to include Egypt and Israel with an overnight stop in Toronto on the way home. The first three days of this trip, and the reason for the quick turn around from our last one is a Christian prayer conference in Egypt. Let that sink in for a moment.


There are nearly 8,000 people here in the middle of the desert, 90% of which are local Egyptians, fervently worshiping The Lord. The Lord of the Old AND New Testament.


There have been many bold and profound proclamations. I confess that I can be skeptical of people speaking prophecy claiming to come straight from the Lord. However there is a continual reference to Isaiah 19. The first half of this passage is pretty damning for Egypt in the form of a curse from the Lord. Think Israel exile, biblical proportions.  But the second part of the passage includes a very profound blessing that stretches from Egypt through Israel all the way to Assyria (through modern day Turkey).


I do believe that nothing that is happening now is a surprise to God politically, socially, etc. I also believe that before the Arab revolution in 2011 a gathering like this would not have been possible. I just saw with my own eyes 7000 Egyptians, most of them under 30 fired up and empowered to share the gospel in their homes and schools.


I realize there are 20 million people here in Cairo that are decidedly not fired up about the gospel, but then I think about what Jesus was able to do with 11 who were fired up and empowered by Him!


Do I think the change will take place overnight, of course not, but I certainly saw enough to make me watch expectantly here.


Today we are doing some traveling around Cairo and surrounding areas and I will share about that later.


Oh yeah, the bargain, as a jeweler it probably comes as no surprise that I love a bargain. Cynthia has recently been drinking coffee, I mean like she went 55 years without touching the stuff, and I was right there with her. She has started drinking some coffee drinks, granted the sweeter ones. Well that is morphing into the less sweet ones and she wanted one at the conference. I decided “while in Egypt ….”, so I ordered myself a cappuccino as well.

It was 1.10 US for both.


I had to doctor it up a little but I drank it and didn’t die and, by golly, I sure stayed awake. I don’t necessarily like the stuff but at .55 a cup I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go into a Starbucks again.


Meanwhile I encourage you to watch expectantly God is certainly working!


This is the spot where some really cool pictures would be if I could get the stupid things to upload. :-/ Hopefully next time.


Brian McCall

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