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Independence Day


Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays since I was a little kid, the food and was always good and the park I lived next to in Ferguson Mo. had a festival with vendors and games. I loved the patriotism and the celebration of our freedom as a country.


My favorite, however, was the fireworks.  Early in the morning the fireworks crew would begin digging the trenches for the placement of the mortar tubes for the shells, they would grease up the inside so the bombs would fire easily. Mind you this was 10 hours before the display and I was already giddy with excitement.


Finally at about quarter till nine they would set off the first artillery report that would send a shock wave straight to your heart. I loved it! Back then watching fireworks was a little like watching a NASCAR race; you knew a wreck was probably coming but you weren’t sure when.


Onetime when I was young we were returning from California by plane on the fourth and I was very upset about missing the display. I looked out the window on the plane and I could see multiple displays going on over the Kansas countryside in different communities as we flew over, it was very cool and a little surreal.


As we moved about in Kenya I realize here it is Tuesday, just Tuesday. As big and important the Fourth is to us in USA, it’s a non-event here. Our world is much bigger than we realize sometimes.


They have a different independence available to them -available to all of us-, a freedom that only Christ avails us. These people who have nothing by our standards have a joy about them that only comes from a belief in Christ. A hope that comes from knowing there are riches beyond imagination in the next world… at home.

As Cynthia and her team present the Restore message, the women will come to know this great freedom from understanding who exactly they are in the Kingdom of God.

Lots of African massage (our driver’s description of the bumpy roads) as we move to Chogoria, and our communication abilities have been limited by poor reception in a very rural community. I will post as I can.

Happy Independence Day!








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