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For any of you who grew up on a farm this would be no big deal, but for those of us who prefer our cows served in little pieces, served on plates with butter sizzling at 1500 degrees, watching a cow get slaughtered was a bit much.
Fortunately we got there just after the throat had been cut so we didn’t have to watch or participate in her turning from Elsie the friendly cow to dinner.

This was preparation for the feast at the end of the Restore conference. The women certainly enjoyed it! They laughed and sang and danced and prayed and clapped and were just enjoying life. They felt free! 

The feast idea got started when Cynthia asked Joshua if the women would like a cake or something to celebrate the end of the conference. In Costa Rica the thing to celebrate the end of a conference is wedding cake. Something that speaks to their hearts, makes them feel special, and that they almost never get. 

Well in Kisumu that thing is cow. The women all loved it and even got to take some fresh Elsie home with them to enjoy later. I made the mistake of mentioning that I loved liver and onions. This is an attitude not shared by everyone on the team. As the day was wrapping up Abigail insisted we go into the house because she had a treat for us.

You guessed it. A heaping plate of liver! Not a scrap of beef to be found. While the widows were out enjoying their steaks and beef stew, most of the team was trying to figure out how to be polite while ingesting as little liver as possible. It looked like children trying to hide their peas under a lettuce leaf; “Look mom, their all gone!”
The water team was able to do a major overhaul of the water system at the Widows home. By the time the day was over they were able to drop a pump in an existing bore hole, plumb the house, the purifier tank, the church and the school across the road for on-going water and Kendra trained one of Joshua’s sons on the purifier system after Troy and Madison helped to put it together; truly a team effort.

It was a highlight of the week for Bill.

We are now headed back Nairobi and will get a chance to spend some time with the children at Dorothy home and follow up at Kings Gospel Center and say our final goodbyes.

Bill is headed back late tonight so that he can be at Orchard Park Church at 12:15 Sunday to help sort 13,000 pairs of shoes that have been donated By Dr. Comfort Shoes in Madison WI. So if you’re not doing anything it would be a great time to hear about the trip first hand and help a great cause. 

fountains of hope trip

No more headache, Hallelujah!

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Major overhaul.

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There ARE still full service stations in the world.

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The Lamb

 – Brian McCall

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