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This day dawned here as perfect as you can imaging; birds singing (less horns than usual blaring), 70 degrees, and only a whisper of breeze with wispy clouds in the sky. As this is our departure day, of course our thoughts are turned to reflection.

One of the common themes as we have said our goodbyes over the last couple of days is “please don’t leave”. Even the hotel owners are sorry to see us go. At the Dorothy home last night there were many tears as the girls sang us more songs and we had heartfelt words from Elias and some of the girls.

It was great to see the big chicken coup project that we helped seed was almost complete. It will be able to house up to 900 chickens and is another step to self- sufficiency for the Dorothy Home.

Today we will head over to Kings Gospel to drop a few things off and make sure the system is functioning perfectly. I received an email from Moses yesterday saying that they have formed a partnership with the academy next door and this will be a powerful alliance that will serve the community for years to come. All because of the purifier.
There are many things here that have made us laugh and poke good natured fun at and wonder why they don’t just do it our way because it is so much more efficient or smarter or better. As I reflect on that though, I realize that much more of the world lives and functions like they do here than they do in the west, particularly the US. Perhaps when some of these people visit the US they will stare and laugh and take photos to forward to their friends back home to show how weird we are. Perhaps there is a lot to learn in that thought and be thankful for and be humbled by.
Some people ask why we do these trips when there is so much need at home… This is a fair and good question. It’s true, there is much need at home, and there are many people who are called to do that; who have a heart for it. There are also people like us who hear the command in Acts …..”to the ends of the earth” and that’s where our hearts are. I guess my challenge for those who ask us that is are you doing what you can do at home?
It is with a great deal of ambivalence that we approach the trip home. While we are all looking forward to getting back to the familiar friends and comforts and conveniences, we recognize that there are new friends here that we will miss as they have grabbed a piece of each of our hearts.
But for sure we feel complete.
My hope is that you have been inspired and enlightened and challenged by what you have read here. Thank you for your interest and input and prayers.
May God bless you all.
The team:
fountains of hope 1
Bill busting’ a move
fountains of hope 2
Tia’s blessings.
fountains of hope 3
Madison, Troy and Kendra
 unnamed (3)
Christy doing communion
unnamed (4)

Fearless co-leaders surveying the savannah
– Brian McCall

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