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Most of All


We made it!! After 30 plus hours of travel, we made it. The flights were uneventful, just long, and only one missing bag, which is a minor miracle if you had seen the mountain of luggage we drug along with us; supplies for the purifiers, materials for the conference and training as well as goodies for the children.


The good news is that the airlines already knew it was missing when I got to the counter. Supposedly it will be on the flight tomorrow. I always remember what the baggage claim person said when this happened on a previous trip; “We almost never completely loose something.” Heres to hoping!


The hotel was more than happy to accommodate a very early arrival, gave us a place to put our feet up, clean up and even set up an omelet station for us.  Not roughing it but certainly not standards we are used to.


Part of the team was able to rest while the water team went to organize the start the cement pad at the Jesus Fellowship Church and school. 500 kids in about 3000 Sft. Building. The safe water will primarily be for the children but they are sure that the surrounding community will want to use it as well. Since there is about 1mil people in the immediate area, we are using larger tanks than usual to support as many as we can.


From there we went over to the King’s Gospel Church and the Hekima Academy. Last year we had an opportunity to install a purification system there as well as help facilitate a physical and spiritual bridge between the two organizations.


We never do what we do on these trips for the worldly accolades – it’s a calling- but when the recipients of these acts of service go on and on about the changes they have made; clean water that no longer causes illness, parents that are truly engaged now with the children and a spiritual mentorship for the school that has created a sanctuary for these children some 350 strong, it fills me with humility and even a little pride. It gives me energy to do these trips.


When I tell my donors I can see direct results and life changing impact first hand, this is what I’m talking about.


Most of all though, it’s about the squeals of the children and the genuine warm welcomes from the adults because what we have made is friends.
Tomorrow directly after breakfast we head to Chogoria, a four hour (Kenyan) drive.

More tomorrow from the road.


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