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The notion of quiet space to write in an orphanage with 24 girls who are currently not in class because it is Easter holiday here, is much more fantasy than reality. But that un-quiet is the reason we are here; the reason we know we are on the right track. The noise adds a better symphony than I could ever play on iTunes.

As I mentioned yesterday, Cynthia and I had a chance to preach the Sunday sermon at Kings Gospel Church. I had a chance to share about the thief on the cross connected to the empty tomb, Cynthia then was able to add a beautiful story about how Mary found that empty tomb, spoke to angels and finally Jesus.

KGC had designated Easter as women’s day in anticipation of the Restore conference and her message about a woman being the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection was particularly poignant.

Last night after a too short rest, we were able to go visit Pastor Joshua at Murarui Church. His congregation was just finishing up a 3 day revival as we got there and got to watch the exuberance with which the people here worship. Us “frozen chosen” here have a thing or two to learn about making a joyful noise. I had forgotten my own rule about making sure to have something to say when we were of course called up on stage for introductions and to speak to the congregation.
I was able to manage some words about maintaining relationships and it seemed to be well received.
 This morning, our dear Maddie (13 year old child of Christy) has come down with a case of “Zulu’s Revenge” and was not able to go with the women today.  Mom tried to blame it on the shake she had yesterday but that didn’t fly because Maddie and I had swapped shakes after we had both had some of our own– can’t take the shakes away mom!–. Instead she spent the day with me at the Dorothy home alternating between resting and making beaded jewelry with the girls.  She seems to be on the upswing and I am starting to look like a Kenyan Mr. “T” with all of the jewelry they have given me.
Bill and Troy are out doing a little maintenance at the Mururi Church’s purifier and tomorrow we hope to help Elias with some significant drainage issues.
We continue to be inspired by the vision of the people here and their whole hearted objective to serve and honor God through the service of others.
fountains of hope all in worship

All in worship

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– Brian McCall

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