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For just sitting in a van all day we are awfully tired at 8:30 PM. We slept in and were “wheels rolling” at 8:00 AM this morning. It was about a 5 hour drive down to Amboselli park on the Tanzanian boarder to the south. The time went quickly with singing and a great message for Madison about God incidents. Lots of laughing  and great conversation passed the time.
As we got further out of the city we started witnessing what were deemed “real zebras”. Apparently quite different from the fake ones we see at the zoo. Finally we turned into Amboselli National park, which at 300 SQ. Miles is one of the smallest game preserves in Kenya.
We almost instantly saw a nice size heard of elephants engaged in a variety of activities. It was quite impressive. We slowly made our way to the lodge, which is 20+ miles into the park and at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Unfortunately the peak was obscured by clouds and we could not see the full majesty of this 19,000 foot peak. Fun fact: Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world.
We dropped our luggage in our beautiful rooms and set out on our evening safari drive. We saw Thompson’s gazelles, greater gazelles, elephants, hippopotami, hyenas, cape buffalo, and it goes on and on as well as a plethora of exotic birds.
Truly we experienced the tremendous creativity of God today. They say God made the wildebeest last and just mixed up all the animals he already made; the head of a cow, the back of a donkey and the rear of a horse.
Late in the day, for just a few minuets, the clouds lowered and we could see the peak of Mt. K. over the top of the clouds. It was glorious. Our driver says this indicated the peak will be clear early in the morning. We are praying.
One of the highlights of this evenings safari was, as we were looking in the distance to the south a young bull elephant came charging out of the water directly at us from the north, startling all of us including the driver. He was braying like mad and his ears were flayed and we quickly moved ahead a little and he turned his attention to the vehicle behind us and took down the road after them.
Quite the excitement.

We only have 2 more animals on the list that we would like to see tomorrow which is the cheetah and the giraffe.

Our game bus leaves at 6:30 tomorrow morning so I’m going to sign off and try to find a few nice pictures to post here.

zebras in the wild in Kenya

Real zebras

elephant in the wild in kenya
How do you stop an elephant from charging?…Take away his credit card. I couldn’t resist

water buffalo kenya
Big 5 stare down.

– Brian

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