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So Goes Kenya


Even though we were dragging anchor, we got up with the knowledge that today was the last day of the official mission part of the trip. It gave us what we needed for the day.


Well, the Fountains of Hope team needed all the strength they could muster. When they arrived at the Bishops church they realized what was not apparent yesterday; our professional mason had neglected to level our cement base for the tanks. This means our 2.5X larger tanks that we had filled last night were severely listing to the point we were worried that they would collapse.


So out comes the water- all 5000 liters- so we could remove the tanks from the pad so the mason can level it.


So goes Kenya.


You just don’t know sometimes if instructions are going to translate, regardless of how well we think we explain it in our minds. We certainly will encourage the use of a level in our instructions from now on.


The training will get done today. This one is special to me as my sister, Nita,who died earlier this year donated a good portion of money before she passed to this installation and we put a sign on it to honor her for many years.


As it is, one of the things we can plan on is that a project will not go as planned, usually we know it before we are about to begin training.


Today, to our surprise, the children from the Kayole Academy did the second half of their presentation from yesterday. This was quite fun because we got to see some of the youngest singing for us at the top of their lungs. Heartwarming.


After that I had the opportunity to meet one on one with Augry from the school and Moses from the church and was very interested to hear how consistently and completely they have been working together since last year.


The way they described their relationship prior to last year it is that they were back to back turning looking everywhere but next door for the answer to their problems. When the Holy Spirit planted the idea with me about the physical and spiritual bridge, they both instantly grabbed the idea.


Since then they have formed a bond that seems to be getting stronger and stronger, even with some looming challenges.


This idea of partnership is a fairly new concept here in Kenya. Everyone seems to be only looking out for their own interests or the interests of their organization. Moses and Augry are learning first hand the incredible advantage that working together brings.


Maybe this can be the new “So goes Kenya”.


Tomorrow we leave bright and early for Maasai Mara, a 6 hour bus ride from Nairobi. Prayers for travel mercies would be most appreciated.


For Nita

A crooked little pad


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