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Superlatives Fail Me.

Yesterday was the BIG day for the safari at the camp. It began pre-dawn as we trundled out to the launch site for the balloon. The balloon was already laid out on the ground but un-inflated and a group of workers were poised to begin the process.
We met our pilot, Riz, who was very obviously of Indian descent but claimed not only to be 3rd generation Kenyan but to also be from Chogaria. He said we were the first travelers he had met that had heard of it, much less been there.


The balloon was filled and all 16 of us, those of us in our group that chose to go and another small group, climbed in the basket.


We launched in time to see the sun rise over the mountains. Glorious. Immediately we were traveling low over zebra, giraffe, and a million plus wildebeest. Because there is no power lines here we could go very low and almost feel like you were running with the herd.  No one wanted it to end when it was time to touch down. Definitely a highlight for all of us.

At the landing zone there was a formal breakfast set up that was better, by far, than any meal we had experienced. Delicate Swedish pancakes, champagne, omelets to order, hot chocolate, linen tablecloths and even a “Loo with a View”; a bathroom- with a seat no less- that was private but with a window that faced out over the Savannah.


Then we got into our vehicles and proceeded on a safari to see everyone’s bucket list animals. About the only thing we didn’t see were Madison’s octopus, and Kim’s unicorn. We saw lions, cheetah, elephants, crocodile, and beautiful birds that defy description.


One thing I found very interesting was the amount of skulls, bones, and carcasses we saw. The circle of life was very evident because of all of the apex predators that were present.


At lunchtime we realized that we had wondered a few kilometers into Tanzania and we ended up having lunch under a tree watching tens of thousands of wildebeest migrate across the Serengeti Plain. It was pretty surreal.


Our day was more than 12 hours long and we saw countless wildlife, it was all spectacular, but by the end of the day we were exhausted from the dust and the jostle.


I know beauty exists everywhere and I’m a firm believer that you should look for it everyday, but having the opportunity to be here and see Gods handiwork in this place is both inspiring and humbling.


I wholeheartedly encourage you to look for Gods beauty everywhere, even in the mundane, but if you ever get the chance, don’t miss this. It’s worth it.


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