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                                                  The 3″ vertical


Many years ago my boys and I used to play the Nintendo 64 game Super Mario Brothers. Every time you hit the button and started a new level Mario would jump up in the air and announce with much enthusiasm and anticipation “Here we GOOOOO!”


I think this is how the team feels right now although our jump might not be quite as high as Mario’s as it has been wall to wall busy for us as we prepare for this launch day and we are all a little tired.

This marks the fourth time this year that Cynthia and I will have traveled out of the country. All of the trips have been terrific; Finland, Tunisia, Spain, France, Egypt, Israel and Malta have all been among the countries we have visited so far as we celebrate our 30th anniversary all year long.


But this trip to Africa still, in my mind, is the most important thing we will do this year.


We will have the opportunity to renew some old friendships and make some new ones. We are going to install lifesaving water purification in 2-3 locations in Nairobi and Chogoria. The women’s team will both lead a conference and teach women leaders to hold their own conference helping them to understand that they are children of God and as such have value in this world and the next.

I say this not to toot our horn but to say these are big and audacious goals and we recognize that success does not lie with us but rather it is something we can’t do on our own. We covet your prayers if that is your inclination, well wishes and good thoughts if it is not.

Our travel plan includes driving caravan style to Chicago in a couple of hours, getting on a plane to Dubai and then to Nairobi, landing about 5:30 AM local time Monday.


What we lack in energy at that point I’m sure we will make up for in adrenaline and enthusiasm.


My plan is to get these posts out about once a day beginning Monday. Sometimes they will be funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes challenging. They will be raw and probably have some typos, for that I apologize in advance. If the interwebs are cooperative I will try to include pictures.


I am thrilled you are joining along; jump with us  (the 3″ vertical”) and yell:
“Here we GOOOOO!”





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