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Perhaps the hardest part of the trip is the getting there. We are there!! We had smooth but long transits in all of our legs. The good new is that all of us and all our luggage arrived at the same time and same place. A miracle that never ceases to amaze me when I pay attention to how loose the baggage operation is run.
We were easily able to find our hotel by following the smell of the pig farm next door. :-/
Alas, we are happy to be here.
We are all anxious to get our personal space back. Breakfast, or lunch, or dinner–I don’t  what time it is-has been ordered. We are going to wipe the first few layers of grime off after we eat then head over to the Dorothy home to visit and drop off the computers.
Tomorrow is Easter and Cynthia and I worked hard on the Easter sermons we are giving at the Kings Gospel Center. We are very excited, like our pastor in Indy says, its like the super bowl of the spiritual/church year. 
Stay tuned, we will hit the ground running tomorrow! Lots more will be shared this week.
FYI we are 7 hours ahead of Indianapolis and 10 of the west coast.

Brian McCall

Fountains of Hope


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