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The End is in Sight


Last night we arrived back at the Stardom Hotel and it was amazing to me how good this hotel looked after complaining about it when we first arrived. The Four Seasons might not have looked better to us after our stay in Chogoria.


The second half of our trip began this morning when we went to the service at the Kings Gospel Church. Fortunately experience has taught me that they will usually have the visiting group leader give the sermon. The pastor suggested that I try to keep it under and hour.  😐   I assured him that it would not be a problem.


I figured if I talked slow and deliberately I could stretch it to 15 min then double it because of the translation, that could get me to ½ an hour.  I preached on Esther and the theme of “For Such a Time as This” which resonates with me as I am on these trips.


Later today we will enjoy a more American lunch at the Java Café then we will go to downtown Nairobi and go through the history museum as well as the reptile park. I have neglected to mention this to the women yet. That should be fun.


This week marks the second half of the trip, which hopefully will be somewhat less exhausting. We will be dropping the women’s team off at KGC then head off to the bishops school to do the final water purification installation.


We are weary but know the end I in sight. It is a short week as Wednesday we will head to Maasai Mara for our safari time to end the trip.



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