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Fountains of Hope

I started this email a week ago, and now with finally a few minuets to sit still, I am determined to finish!

I am very blessed to be in a business that I absolutely love, and I pray for Midwest Jewelers and the eBay store and the people that work there everyday. I pray for wisdom in handling all the things that come my way, I pray for health and safety of the team, I pray that we are hidden from the enemy and anyone that would seek to do us harm. I pray for prosperity.

Well prosper the business He has. We are in the middle of a large and aggressive buildout at the store and my stress level has been 10+. We will get there and the short term pain we are enduring now will create a very exciting place.

This stress means my personal hard drive is full and my best of intentions often succumb to the tyranny of the urgent.

As much as I love what I do and the people who are there, I firmly believe that it is just a tool that allows me to do the mission trips like this one to Kenya. I have placed it in the category of one of the most important things I have ever done.

It looks like our team is set now. Cynthia has 4 people on her team to bring the message of “who women truly are in the Kingdom of God” to the women of Kenya. Her team will be sharing this message with Kings Gospel Church in Nairobi and she is also hoping to bring the study to Kisumu for the women at the Widows home.

Bill has 2 students on his water team and they will be helping me at the Dorothy Home erect the water tower and I will pitch in with them as they do a purifier installation in Nairobi and 2 in Kisumu.


I forgot to mention in my last post that Elias from the Dorothy home told me he wants to do a computer lab for the students there. I am wanting to bring him 10 or so old laptops. Do you have any old laptops that I can bring on the trip with me? Blake from Wright PC repair has agreed to wipe them and make sure they are functioning properly.

This would be a huge lift for this school that wants nothing but the best education for these girls and yet does not always know where there next meal is coming from, much less put computers in the school.

Please let me know if you can help in this way.

As always, I appreciate your prayers and if you could pray specifically for me to slay that dragon of urgency so that I can focus on the most important, I would appreciate it.


Brian McCall

Fountains of Hope

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