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I know my posts can be a little bucolic at times; I paint a rosier picture by choosing to focus on the lighter side and fascinating differences and mostly poking fun at the annoying inconveniences.


The reality is that a harder life occasionally encroaches. Such were the days yesterday and today.  Our plan to go to the museum and the reptile park were derailed yesterday when someone stole Cynthia’s backpack from the restaurant.


Security was able to identify on video that she had it when she entered the restaurant but not when we left. Unfortunately there was a blind spot in there and we were unable to see the specific spot we were all sitting. Stacy had a photo of the backpack wedged safely between Cynthia’s chair and another one. The place was crowded and she had to shift her chair a number of times. Apparently someone saw the opportunity and lifted the pack while 15 people were seated around the table.


The reality is that there are bold and professional thieves lurking and waiting for an opportunity. The frustrating part is our guard wasn’t even down.


Fortunately her cash was in her purse, but she did loose here phone as well as copies of credit cards, license and passport, all the notes for the seminar today, as well as her journal and cherished Bible.


Then this morning, Jane, our friend from Zimbabwe, who is along to learn and take the Restore message back to her home country, received word that her 13-year-old niece had passed unexpectedly. They were close. Words cannot describe how sad this is, even more so as it was a vibrant child, and all we could do is say a prayer and give her a hug.


It struck me at how quickly we needed to move on. I looked out the window and of course no one outside knows what’s going on and the training at the church was about to begin. So unfortunately she had zero time to grieve and our day had to press forward.


Please keep her in your prayers.


After the water team is dropped off at the Bishops Church today John will take me to the Dorothy Home and I will start laying out the plan for the series of ponds to deal with the poop from the cows on the relatively small property. We will plant a type of grass around the ponds which seems to thrive on the effluent produced by the animals.

Right now it all runs down hill from behind the house to the front, right next to where the children attend school, a decidedly poor situation.


So as a “glass half full” kind of guy I like to focus on the positives, but sometimes there just is not a cheery way to approach life’s harsh realities and it is a reminder that no matter how carefully you plan and try to stay safe, poop happens.


Our Friend Jane from Zimbabwe

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