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Even short trips in Kenya can be wrought with adventure. Yesterday morning we were scheduled to meet the children at the mini amusement park at 9:00 AM. Because of space logistics our driver arranged for a second bus to pick up the children at the Dorothy Home. The Dorothy home is off one of the main highways then down a 2 KM winding dirt road at the bottom of a hill.
Did I mention that it rained heavily that night?
Predictably, the driver who was not used to those kinds of roads, got off the high part of the road and instantly stuck. It then became apparent that the implied professional driver title was undeserved. He had not a clue of how to get this beast unstuck from the red mud.
Just then Elias and the children came walking up the hill with the workers from the home. A shovel, a long board and the pushing of 24 orphan girls and the bus was free. Welcome to Kenya.
We enjoyed a couple of hours at the amusement park laughing and playing with the children. Had a soda then had to say our goodbyes. The children seemed to have a great time and this was a very special treat for them.  The last time most of them were off the compound was probably more than a year ago.
We then headed off to Kisumu. The 5-6 hour trip stretched to 8 ½ because of heavy rain and traffic.  We finally turned off the highway in Aherro. Actually, that is the town we are staying in, just short of Kisumu but as it is very rural it doesn’t show on most maps.
On entering our rooms some of us were greeted by cockroaches that were as Maddie put it “the size of my hamster”. No, we are not in Kansas anymore. We were so tired that a rock and a palm frond would have been all we needed to sleep, so the other residents were forgotten as our eyes quickly closed.
This morning we awoke with sunshine and smiles chalking it up as part of the adventure. We are off to church now and might or might not be speaking in front of the congregation. I have something prepared just in case.

Prayers for us to keep our eyes focused on Jesus as we are not anywhere comfortable.

bus stuck in kenya
Girl power.
kids on swing in kenya
No, really, it’s perfectly safe…
– Brian McCall

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