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what i learnt today

At the gate of the school we were working at.

                              What we Learnt Today

Troy: Only the Massai are allowed to carry knives.

Bill: Old, poorly maintained systems are able to be restored to full functionality.
Kendra: Learned that she is capable of doing the water purification.
Cynthia: The racial struggles between tribes here is still real and God STILL wants all “tribes and nations” to get along.
Madison: That the women care if you like the food that they have prepared for you and if you are nervous, just sing songs to God and it helps.
Christy: That People cross our paths all the time for a purpose, whether it’s a boy chasing a goat or the bagger at the checkout at home; God has a plan, a reason.
Tia: That boats like the small one she was in here and the raft in Costa Rica do not offer the kind of security that God does: no matter the circumstance God still has you
Brian: That this is an amazing team; it has bonded, has each others backs, and has been willing to embrace the uncomfortable to help the people here in Kenya with a smile. I have also learnt that here diarrhea is an acceptable table conversation.
Rainy season does not mean that it rains 24/7 here. In fact we had a very hot and sunny day. The foot of mud that seemed to cover all of the roads was hard packed and navigable by noon.
We found out that the bus we were stuck in the previous night got stuck again on the way back. We had gotten a ride in a very old range rover flatbed that had no lights. A strong LED that Bill had given the water team lit the way in pouring rain and pitch black. The driver, however, was undaunted and proceeded to go faster than we would have dreamed in broad daylight and on dry pavement. Our tushies went airborne a couple of times and it quite nearly scared the shabable out of us. Quite the experience.
Everyone got to sleep in a little because of the later start for the women and the fact that the water team had done some pre-work the night before. The women were picked up in a smaller lighter vehicle and driven all the way to the Widows home.
The teaching yesterday continued to engage the women and today is the celebration with the slaughtered cow as the women culminate by getting their crowns reminding them that they are the daughters of the risen King.

kenyen mission trip
Lots of supervisors, just like home.

– Brian McCall

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