Our services are broad, efficient, and extremely user friendly.  We offer jewelry and watch repair, appraisals, and custom design.  In addition, we are your go-to estate buyers, priding ourselves on offering a fair and fabulous price.  We are committed to providing top-notch services in a fun, stress free atmosphere.

Jewelry Repair

We have two in-house jewelers with over 55 years of experience in the business.  Both Dave and Holly can breathe new life into your precious pieces.  We are proud of our ability to provide repair services in-house offering an extra layer of security to our customers.

Watch Repair

Brian's passion and interest in watches of all kinds is evident by the services we offer.  Whether it is a battery replacement, band adjustment, or a complete overhaul, we can assist you.  

Estate Buying

It is inevitable:  we all accumulate and or inherit vintage antique valuables!  When it is time to downsize or trim the collection, we are your very experienced partner. We buy vintage valuables, gold and silver items, coins, and signed costume jewelry.


Detailed evaluation and up-to-date market knowledge allows us to give you an accurate value for your treasures.  Whether the appraisal is for insurance, distribution, or to simply satisfy your curiosity, our appraisers will be very thorough.

So there you have it, our glittering lineup of services designed to cater to all your jewelry needs!  We're committed to providing top-notch expertise and a fun, stress-free experience for all our customers.